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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Top Stories from IBM Impact 2014

This year at IBM Impact, I was able to concentrate on content instead of logistics of the social media plan. After years of innovating on social media programs for the conference, it was refreshing to be able to focus on sessions, subject matter experts, labs, networking and the emerging stories within the 9100+ person event. IBM began to cover events with groups of dedicated social staffers and bloggers at Impact 2012. This has become an evolved pattern and best practice for IBM Software conferences. Last week, just as during IOD 2013 and Pulse in February, I joined the intrepid group of "social beat reporters" embedded deep within technical tracks of the conference. We aimed to cover stories about cloud, mobile, big data, analytics, social business, smarter process, application infrastructure, integration, internet of things, system z, devops, power, puresystems and the dev@Impact track. Our motto was the same as the conference itself, "Be first!" Be first to find and share all of the key stories; all the announcements, all the tweets, all the people, all the selfies, all the need to know info. We ignited a bit of fun, fanned the group selfie meme and watched it spread like wild fire. We set out to curate all of the key moments from the 8th (and last standalone) IBM Impact technology conference. These are our stories.
  1. Impact social beat reporters - including daily blog posts, previews, track guides, FAQs, twitter lists, podcasts, photos and post event coverage  
  2. Integration Track: blog post and Ecosystem of Everything story
  3. Hot topic: Internet of Things story
  4. My social beat coverage for each day: 
    • Sunday - Internet of Things trends and research plus FAQ
    • Monday - The New Composable Business plus Cloud demos and Integration sessions
    • Tuesday - Made With IBM plus dev@Impact kick-off 
    • Wednesday - The Way Forward and Kevin Spacey plus Internet of Things demos and labs
  5. Hot topic: IBM Cloud story (including day 1 announcements)
  6. Hot topic: IBM MobileFirst stories by @ArvindMobile and @ChrisPepin 
  7. Hot topic: Google shows off openPOWER motherboard on POWER8 story
  8. Video broadcasts, interviews and short clips 
  9. Developers, influencers and experts
  10. Fans, fun and food

Be sure to use hashtags #ibmimpact #ibmcloud #madewithibm #code4data #IoT to continue the conversation.

Ryan Boyles @theRab
Recovering Software Developer 
Currently Global Social Media Strategist for IBM Software - Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure

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