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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions from IBM Impact

Here’s a handy list of the most frequently asked questions I've heard time and time again while working Impact social media over the last few years; bonus: a few extras thrown in for good measure. 
  • Where do I find the mobile app?
    The conference app this year is not a stand alone app as in years past. It is an IBM Connections app. Download the Connections app for iOS or Android and then login with your IBM Impact credentials and server address https://connections.ibmimpactonline.com/mobile
  • What is the conference hashtag?
    Attendees should use #ibmimpact to follow what is being said at Impact on twitter and other social apps. Use this hashtag to tweet about the event and only use the @ibmimpact twitter handle to talk to the event social team. Do not use hashtag #impact2014 because it is used for a different event entirely.
  • Who do I ask about this and that?
    If you do not have time to drop by the information desk in the main hall of the Sands expo (right outside the doors leading to the Social Lounge and Expo hall C) then drop a tweet to @ibmimpact and the social team will help you. Heck revive the virtual concierge hashtag #askimpact. 
  • When will the presentations be available?
    Presentations will be made available on the ibmimpactonline.com social community for registered attendees. If you are reading this and you are a speaker, please consider uploading your deck to Slideshare.net. It's like YouTube for Powerpoint. Sharing is caring.
  • Can you get me on the list to meet Imagine Dragons?
    You are in luck! The Impact social team is offering a VIP meet and greet with the band Tuesday night for one group of folks! Just take a group selfie with your peeps or speakers or people you meet at Impact IRL and tweet it with hashtags #ibmimpact and #selfie. The selfie photo with the most retweets will win! (See rules)
  • Can I meet Kevin Spacey?
    No. I don't have that kind of pull. Keyser Söze is illusive. 
  • What do I do? I forgot my business cards!
    Business cards? Huh. You don’t need any business cards! Just make sure to use the IBM Impact Profiles! Use the conference social network to connect to attendees and speakers. Fill out your Profile and upload a nice mugshot.
  • Where is the social lounge? 
    Okay, stay with me. This year the social playground is called the social lounge again but there is a developer playground in the lounge. Follow the tweet trail over to the Sands Expo Hall C, it's right outside. Look for the huge video screens, amazing tech demos and games.
  • Where is the best pizza at Impact?
    Grimaldi’s on Palazzo second floor near the escalators. Delaney Turner (@DTurnerBlogs) turned me onto this place and I am a believer now. Great pie!
  • What is the big deal with Oculus Rift? Facebook is crazy right? 
    Come by the Social lounge and try out the VR tech for yourself in the developer playground. It's pretty freaking cool. 
  • How do I get on the conference Wifi?
    It’s everywhere - just connect with SSID IMPACT2014, no passcode required. Remember, don’t use personal hotspots during the conference in events or sessions, you could cause interference with the wireless network and disrupt service for everyone else.  
  • I'm so hung over.
    That's not a question. However, I recommend heading over to the Walgreens right between the Venetian and Palazzo. Walgreens has everything you need to stay hydrated and healthy. Stock up on huge bottles of water for your room. Do it right when you arrive. Thank me later.
  • Why do they call you "the RAB?"
    R-A-B are my initials. Ryan Alexander Boyles.
  • This FAQ is brilliant. Where can I find even more Pro Tips? 
Let’s connect at this week. Have more questions that you think should be in my list? Drop me a comment or tweet. Follow me as I cover the Integration track as a social beat reporter. I’ll be sharing info about Cloud integration, API 3.0 and Internet of Things Cloud. 

Ryan Boyles

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