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Monday, March 03, 2014

Top Stories from IBM Pulse

Not just a few stories - hundreds of stories, thousands of people - these are the stories within the stories. Developers showing off. Influencers influencing. Experts teaching. Executives networking. Technical folks grokking. Fans geeking out. People making bold moves. The event and marketing team had 24 social beat reporters covering all topics at the conference and there were 75+ social VIPs sharing their insights on cloud computing, enterprise mobility, service management, big data and social business.

This is my list of all of the stories from IBM Pulse 2014 including blog posts, photos, videos and twitter.

  1. "IBM as a Service" Announcements from IBM Pulse on storify, blog post on medium
  2. Social beat reporters  

  3. Video broadcasts, interviews and clips 
  4. dev@Pulse developer event at Hakkasan Nightclub on storify
  5. Influencers and experts
  6. Hot topic: Software as a Service and ITSM as a Service on storify 
  7. Hot topic: Enterprise Mobility and BYOD on storify
  8. Hot topic: IT Operations Analytics on storify 
  9. Hot topic: Infrastructure Matters and Mainframe50 on storify
  10. Hot topic: DevOps on storify 
  11. Mid-market perspective of Pulse 2014 on storify 
  12. Fans, foodies and cool technology 
Be sure to use hashtags #ibmpulse #ibmcloud and #devpulse to continue the conversation.

Ryan Boyles @theRab 
Recovering Software Developer
Currently Global Social Media Strategist for IBM Software - Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure 

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