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Monday, August 19, 2013

Second Screeners at Dragon*Con Twenty Thirteen

I'm going to Dragon*Con with my fellow podcast co-host Tim Arthur. I'm returning to D*C this year after what is probably a 12 year hiatus. I met Dirk Benedict (the original Starbuck) and Lou Ferrigno (the original Hulk) all those many years ago and I'm fairly certain that's when Gwar used to play the show. So I decided to pen "the ultimate list" of people I'm most excited to see, hear, meet and possibly interview at Dragon*Con 2013 for the Second Screeners Show podcast. Tim and I are going to be doing a range of video and audio interviews - look for content on our podcast, Vine, Mix and heck maybe YouTube. Characters and artists abound. I am beyond excited. If you are going to be in Atlanta for the geek gathering, please reach out to me!

  1. Amy Acker of Angel, Dollhouse and Alias fame - Fred!!
  2. Neal Adams of comic book art fame - X-men!
  3. Doug Bradley of Hellraiser fame - Pinhead!
  4. Grant Bowler of Defiance fame
  5. Nicholas Brendon of Buffy The Vampire Slayer fame - Xander!!
  6. Michael Dorn of Star Trek TNG fame - Worf!
  7. Richard Epcar of Ghost in the Shell and Robotech voice acting fame - Batou!
  8. Eliza Dushku of film and TV (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dollhouse) fame - Faith!!!! 
  9. Jane Espenson of TV writing / producing fame - Buffy! Angel! Firefly! BSG! Once upon a Time!
  10. Dave Fennoy of voice acting fame - The Hulu Guy!
  11. Ghost of the Robot featuring James Marsters of Buffy and Angel (and Warehouse 13) fame - Spike!!
  12. Erin Gray of Buck Rogers fame - Lt. Deering!
  13. Richard Hatch of Battlestar Galactica fame (1978 and 2005) - Apollo!!
  14. Laurie Holden of The Walking Dead fame - Andrea!
  15. Ernie Hudson of Ghostbusters fame - Ernie!
  16. Melissa Hutchison of The Walking Dead video game fame - Clementine!
  17. Herbert Jefferson Jr. of 1978 Battlestar Galactica fame - Boomer!
  18. Emily Kinney of The Walking Dead fame - Beth!
  19. Lucy Lawless of Xena: Warrior Princess (and BSG) fame - Aiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyi!
  20. Miracle Laurie of Dollhouse fame - November!
  21. Daniel Logan of Star Wars prequel film fame - kid Boba Fett!
  22. Traci Lords of film, tv, music fame - Traci!
  23. Allison Mack of Smallville fame - Chloe!
  24. Lee Majors of The Fall Guy and The Six Million Dollar Man fame - Lee!
  25. Brian Markinson of Continuum fame - Inspector Dillon!
  26. Eddie McClintock of Warehouse 13 fame - Pete! (Tim and I host the TV Talk Warehouse 13 podcast)
  27. Kandyse McClure of Battlestar Galactica fame - Dee!!
  28. Malcolm McDowell of film acting fame - A Clockwork Orange!
  29. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn of Ghost in the Shell voice acting fame - Kusanagi!!
  30. Edward James Olmos of Battlestar Galactic fame - Adama!!!
  31. Olivia Olson of Adventure Time voice acting fame - Marceline!
  32. Tahmoh Penikett of Battlestar Galactica fame - Helo!!!
  33. Luvia Petersen of Continuum fame - Liber8!
  34. Mitch Pileggi of The X-files and Supernatural fame - Skinner!
  35. CCH Pounder of Warehouse 13 fame - Mrs. Frederic!!
  36. Linnea Quigley of horror film (The Return of the Living Dead) fame - Screeaaaammmm!
  37. Michael Rooker of The Walking Dead fame - Merle!
  38. Jeremy Shada of Adventure Time voice acting fame - Finn the human!
  39. William Shatner of Star Trek fame - Captain Kirk!
  40. IronE Singleton of The Walking Dead fame - T-dog!
  41. Brent Spiner of Star Trek TNG (and Warehouse 13) fame - Data!
  42. Kristine Sutherland of Buffy The Vampire Slayer fame - Joyce!
  43. George Takei of Star Trek (and internet) fame - Mr. Sulu!
  44. Laura Vandervoort of Smallville fame - Kara Zor El!
  45. Lindsay Wagner of The Bionic Woman and TV movie (and Warehouse 13) fame - Bionic!
  46. Billy Dee Williams of Star Wars fame - Lando!
  47. Genelle Williams of Warehouse 13 fame - Lena!
  48. Scott Wilson of The Walking Dead fame - Hershel!
  49. Steven Yeun of The Walking Dead (and Warehouse 13) fame - Glenn!
Plus there are many, many incredible artists and cosplayers that aren't shown on my list (yet). Heck, I'll just name a few already.
  1. Beat Down Boogie crew of Mario Warfare fame 
  2. DJ Spider of D*C DJ and cosplay fame
  3. Georges Jeanty of comic book artist fame - Buffy!!
  4. The Blibbering Humdingers of wizard rock music fame - They're from Cary NC!
  5. Matthew Wood of film-making fame - Re-mastered!
  6. Kinky Clown - Riddler and Harley Quinn Cosplayer 

Also, there is rumored to be a meetup of the TV Talk app show hosts. So much geekery goings on and fantastic people at Dragon*Con this year. I cannot wait to see all fo the costumes. Can you say Cosplay?! See you there!

So Say We All!

Ryan Boyles @theRab 

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