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Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Avett Brothers play Star City June 20 Twenty Thirteen

I made a note of the songs played by the boys last night as the concert played. Some of the tunes I couldn't immediately recall the song titles so I jotted down lyrics. It was either that or stop dancing and we couldn't have that, now could we? 

  1. Doubt 
  2. Shine
  3. La la 
  4. Live thru past
  5. 74 (Seth changed up the lyrics: kinda love 5 girls, kinda lost them all)
  6. Bass solo Bob nah nah nah nah nah nah
  7. Laundry
  8. Whistle sister got a baby
  9. Slight
  10. You were standing there
  11. Possession the king of sin
  12. Come again
  13. St Joseph's - Scott and Seth 
  14. Bella Donna - Scott and Seth 
  15. I am weak thou art strong walk with me - Bob Seth Scott trio on stage 
  16. Paranoia b flat
  17. Live and die
  18. We all fall down
  19. Kick drum heart
  20. Color show
  21. Pardon me I was scared but wouldn't admit it the road it calls on me my dear
  22. Streets of cobble stone
  23. Fate and promise keep me honest
  24. Scott she's been something jack of diamonds I've known you 
  25. Swept me away 
  26. Brooklyn Brooklyn take me in are you aware the state i'm in 

Here is the Joe Kwon official list via twitter (track them all with #avettsetlists). Seth changed the lyrics to Distraction #74 (perhaps "choosing between 2 girls" hits too close to home right now?) Plus they played a new song titled Part from Me off of the upcoming album which they have described as the "second half of The Carpenter" which is totally awesome, right? I posted a ton of photos and videos via flickr, instagram and vine. This was our 5th Avett show of the year and my 8th all time show. I'd have to say, something is up with the band. There was a strange vibe at work on stage. I hope they all find peace and come out of this troubled time. Don't get me wrong, it was a good show. It's great to see the new arrangements of old songs and the way Scott sings them. And besides, let's all just wish Scott a very happy birthday! 

Here is the set list with real titles:

  1. Head full of Doubt / Road full of promise
  2. Down with the Shine (my elder son's guess for show opener)
  3. Go to Sleep
  4. Paul Newman vs The Demons
  5. Distraction #74 (Seth changed up the lyrics: kinda love 5 girls, kinda lost them all)
  6. Old Joe Clark (old bluegrass)
  7. Laundry room 
  8. At the beach
  9. Slight figure of speech (my guess for show opener) 
  10. February Seven
  11. Famous flower of Manhattan 
  12. Will you return 
  13. St Joseph's - Scott and Seth duet
  14. Bella Donna - Scott and Seth duet
  15. Just a closer walk with thee - Bob Seth Scott trio (old time gospel)
  16. Paranoia in b major
  17. Live and die (my wife's guess for show opener)
  18. The Fall
  19. Kickdrum heart (my youngest son's guess for show opener)
  20. Colorshow
  21. Part from me (new song from upcoming album)
  22. Talk on Indolence
  23. Life
  24. Coo coo (old tune)
  25. Swept away 
  26. I and Love and You 

Here is my Vine I posted for folks to guess the first 14 songs. Yes I'm a dork. To Scott, Joe, Bob, Seth, and Paul - see you again in ~30 days in Richmond Virginia. I'll be the guy middle middle right up at the stage for the show. My sons are practicing to become a AC/DC / Avett Brothers cover band it seems. The young one plays banjo and the older one plays electric guitar. I think they should call themselves The Boyles Brothers. Time will tell. 

Finally, here is the setlist as a Spotify playlist minus Part from Me and The Cuckoo Song - plus I replaced Just a closer walk with thee for a rendition by Randy Travis. Enjoy.

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