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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Hopping Around Hopscotch

I'm heading downtown tonight to check out the mega 2012 Hopscotch festival. I got 2 VIP wrist bands back in April, when they were still available, as birthday gifts for my brother and I. His birthday was in April, mine was Tuesday. My brother is a singer and musician; I'd consider him to be the more musical of The Boyles Boys (I no longer really count my 7+ years as a world traveling trumpet player, seems like a life time ago).  We've never managed to take in more than a show or two since Hopscotch began.  This year we're going all out.

But we haven't really researched the line up. I know I want to see the Roots but I also want to explore the variety of what the massive 2012 festival has to offer and discover some jems and make new favorites. Hopscotch is bigger, to put it mildly. So here is a quick list of recommendations that I'm sifting through ... a guide of guides if you will. Yes, probably overkill but oh well, here goes! Feel free to suggest more links or acts in the comments. Tickets are still available. Join us. Thanks and hope to see yaw downtown over the next three nights.

We're going to have a blast. Party on, Raleigh.

A brief but distinguished collection of Hopscotch Music Festival itineraries and band recommendations:

  • My friend, Regina Twine said: "My list for tonight (Thursday): phil cook, then gross ghost, then lizzy ross then Liars." via Facebook. 
  • Ashleigh Phillips via Indy Week, just one of many from the massive Hopscotch Guide coverage
  • "Gimme 5" suggestions from various Indy Week friends including NR EIC Jedidiah Gant and Heather LaGarde, plus Spin magazine! 
  • New Raleigh and Friends recommends part 1part 2part 3 - a cool mix of suggestions from NR writers, assorted Raleigh folks and the bands themselves.
  • Oh and here's a venue map. Save it on your phone. 

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