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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

My Twenty Twelve SXSW Interactive Preview

I'm attending SXSW 2012. Yes! This is my second time attending SXSWi. The first time was in 2010, when I representing NC during the first  ChevySXSW road trip. We blogged extensively about this fun adventure.

This year I'm working officially with my social team at IBM to reach the king makers, the influencers, the folks making new things in the emerging spaces – spanning mobile, social, local – where people, science, tech and art converge. How do you make a business successful by being more social, inside and out? I have a special affinity for topics around cloud computing, our mobile activity and social graph, ambient intimacy, continuous partial attention and community management.

So, what is your story? What is the future of ... ? 

I'm shooting short ~5 min. person on the street interviews and I want to talk to you!  Book an interview? Meet over breakfast tacos? I'll be shooting around the conference and in the IBM Future of Social lounge each day. Here are a few ways to make a real-time connection with me at the conference.
  • I'm only a tweet away. Hit me up or DM me @theRab
  • Here is my Social.sxsw profile. Message me.
  • Ask me on Tumblr or use my form thingee on Flavors.me/rab.
  • Foursquare - the original – well okay not original – but still the best conference stalker tool. 
  • My free time is currently shown on this Google calendar
Scheduling your time at SXSW is a challenge. There is so much going on. Here are a few of the sites / apps I've using to make sense of it all.
  • SXSchedule - this is the official one and it syncs with the SXSW Go smartphone app. i've done two passes to filter content so far. so many good sessions and spaces, so little time.
  • austin2012.sched.org is the deal! check it out. it imports eventbrite tickets and does a good job of putting conference and social events together, official and unofficial.
  • Lanyrd - this handy app let's you track sessions you can't attend and catch up later. they also launched a new grid view for SXSW. plus the Lanyrd team is giving away cool word buttons. get 'em.
  • Plancast - it's still alive!! and chock full of SXSW social events. i just rsvp for everything, so it's not that reliable for finding me in a crowd. i treat this as the social calendar "list of the possible" – in reality there is only time to pick one or two. 
  • Each of these sites has either a mobile web version or an app on iPhone, my smartphone of choice. 
I hope we do get the opportunity to meet and/or greet in Austin during SXSW Interactive 2012 this week. See you in Austin. It's almost breakfast taco time!!

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