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Monday, October 10, 2011

Remembering Steve, or How You Like Them Apples?

Some thoughts about Steve Jobs and his legacy, built with a few shiny Apples.

  • I've never owned a PC. 
  • That is not to say I don't have experience with many computers (Window 3.51, Windows95, Windows NT or Windows 2000). It was enough to throw my last PC through the window. But I'm getting ahead of myself....   
  • I have been obsessed with gadgets and mobile devices since I was a kid, however I am also a skeptic with high expectations for how things should work. I took things apart and put them back together, just to see how they work. I am a user. 
  • My first computer was a Commodore64. It had a 5" Floppy Disk drive and I attached it to a 13" Color TV through an UHF/ RCA connector. It was awesome. I wonder if Apple was inspired by it, b/c it was this cool keyboard with a computer built inside, kinda like today's iMacs.   
  • My first computer programming experience was in High School, developing card games on an Apple II in Pascal. This was the first glimmer I had of my future working with technology and my creative side. 
  • I used Unix throughout college. I've used Windows and Linux while working as a software engineer but they were not my personal preference. I longed to get back to the fun of the Apple.  
  • My first computer bought with my own money was the Apple iMac G4 in 2001, you know, the iLamp. 
  • My first blog was on Geocities. Let's not talk about that right now. :)
  • My first real blog was published using the "iBlog" software on my iMac G4 around 2002 / 2003 (i think), and it was hosted on .Mac. I liked the ease of use and publishing model but I quickly outgrew the cost model by sharing digital photos of my children. 
  • My first digital camera, the Canon Powershot S10, had 2MB resolution and allowed me to start a digital scrapbook from the time my 1st child was born in 2000. iLife became the way to share our growing family with others around the state.     
  • My 2nd Mac was a PowerMac Dual G5 tower (you know, the awesome one with the IBM chip) with OS X Panther or Tiger or one of those cats. 
  • I have owned 4 iPods, beginning with the 2003 3rd Gen "Classic" as it is called now. It had a slick touch wheel and 10GB of memory. I couldn't imagine my music collection would ever outgrow that size. I was wrong. All 4 iPods still just work. 
  • The iPod changed the music world for me, and countless others. Music became a part of my life again. Pricing individual songs at 99 cents was brilliant. It changed the consumer's view of what music collecting and sharing can be in the digital era, after Napster and other services. We all started thinking about music in terms of megabytes and lists instead of discs and albums. The digital music revolution enabled me to share holiday music with family and friends starting in 2002. I also become "that guy that brings the good mega mix to the party." I don't know how that happened. Everyone with an iPod becomes a DJ with the right music. 
  • My first smart phone was the iPhone 3G. I resisted buying into the whole smart phone craze and was skeptic of the touch screen. I grew up using Palm PDAs.
  • My current daily gear is the iPhone 4. When I say I'm a mobile blogger, it's largely because of my mobile workflow enabled by the smart phone. iPhone don't give you style, but it does unleash it in the right hands. 
  • My current work computer is a Macbook Pro. Someone sat on it 1.5 years ago, bending the aluminum body like a book. I bent the back into form with my. It still works like a champ. True story. 
  • I bought an iPad 2, resisting the urge to jump in when the device first appeared. I thought it was just a large iTouch without much serious application. Then I tried the tablet. Steve was a good salesman but he was right. It is magic. I am constantly looking for new ways to make it the first device I use. You have to use it to get how transformative this technology really is for people of all ages.     
  • My kids have grown up with an appreciation for good user interfaces and they don't even know a world that is any different. They use the iPod Touch like it's second nature. They possess  "computer skills" that people of my generation spend a life time building. Their expectations about how technology works together is shaping the world around us.   
  • My parents have not been convinced to try a "more expensive PC" aka those Mac things, however they do have 4 cheap HP computers sitting around their house. They are slow, always have trouble connecting to wi-fi and generally are internet challenged. Yes, I am talking about the computers. LOL! My mom has always said, you get what you pay for.       
  • I helped my brother build a PC gaming tower during his high school years. It had neon light in the chassis and rad style. It also crashed during videos and games and was always sick with 1 virus or another. 2 months ago he bought an iMac and iPad 2 with the generous education discount that Apple gives for college students. I am so proud and so jealous.   
  • I have been saved sooo much time in my life by using a computer that "just works." A computer that is built to work with video connections and sleeps and wakes up and just well, works.  
  • I have always enjoyed creating things with my Mac. Often people ask me how I do something or how to fix their computer. How do I "make things just work so well?" Honestly, I can't take much credit. Usually it takes so much time to diagnose or even just explain the problem with the PC. The shorter answer is simply "I use a Mac. Maybe you should too?" Macs are made for users. 
  • I don't consider myself a Mac fanboy. I rarely buy the 1st or even 2nd products from Apple. As I said, I'm a user. I just like technology that works. The technology platform that Steve Jobs has built with the smart folks at Apple just works. Think about the hardware + software + content combination that makes up the Apple experience now. Think about the impact.      
  • I'm a Mac. Thank you Steve. Our lives are forever changed for the better. 

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