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Friday, October 28, 2011

Learning HTML5

Renewed interest update! I'm beginning to poke around and properly learn HTML5 again, with some hands-on prototyping and the goal of building a mobile app. Here is my collection of links, please chime in with comments and suggestions...
  1. Reading: HTML5 for Web Designers, Chapter 1 
  2. Links: My HTML5 Delicious bookmarks (rather dated at this point) 
  3. Examples: HTML5 Gallery sites 
  4. Shiny: Website Example: Arcade Fire's The Wilderness Downtown 
  5. Funny: Single use site Is HTML5 Ready Yet? 
  6. Shiny: Check out The Expressive Web feature exploration (Thx 2 Maxx)
  7. Javascript: jQuery Mobile (how popular is this one?) 
  8. IBMish: New mobile dev community and dev feature pack
  9. Apps: PhoneGap for building iOS / Android apps for app stores with HTML5
  10. Cool: Untappd, an app to track your Beer check-ins, built with HTML5, CSS and PhoneGap 


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