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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Due to the 2011 Summer Wildfire near the NC Coast, our family vacation was interrupted a bit by smoke. So my father and I packed up the kids on Wednesday and drove up to Jacksonville to see the new Transformers movie on opening day.
  1. Act 1 is good... The alternate history setup is plausible and interesting.
  2. The 2 hour 3 hour movie - commercials, ads and trailers are such a terrible experience and mood wreck
  3. Act 3 District 911 wasteland set piece? ... Yes it is too soon to destroy an entire city just to prove the threat to the humans ... by reducing the population ironically to dust and tearing down buildings. Yes the city is Chicago and not New York City but we're not stupid.
  4. McDreamy is a Bad lawyer joke in his phoned in Familiar one note character. Really, this is the big bad?
  5. Soundwave is a Mercedes? Shockwave is a cloud of tentacles?
  6. Buzzard chameleon token operative is the new Monkey jukebox token operative?
  7. Alpha is good in his goofy role as the side-kick "do it all" jack of all trades. 
  8. First act had interesting new characters then third act brought back old familiar boring ones and NPCs.
  9. I mean it had some funny parts, there were some things I liked about it.
  10. Obligatory Optimus speech time has lost it's gravitas - your allies may betray you but... What?

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