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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Top Ten VMA Over the Moon Men moments

I watched the VMAs this week. It got me thinking and I enjoyed the show this year more than any other in recent memory. Here are my top 10 observations.
  1. Twitter Tracker is ready for prime time. The VJs made good use of the Tweet screen during the pre-show to highlight ranked Buzz, Photos, and Artists who were participating. Social buzz, content and Influencer participating together in a simple sexy display. Social web is banging on the 4th wall of the show, this year front and center like none before it. Mobile (Read: Apps) and SMS round out the new "Social TV" experience.
  2. "Jo" and his rockers represent for people of all types and preferences. This is affecting everyone in different ways.
  3. Foo Fighters win Best Rock video, and I was caught by a few things about the acceptance speech from David Grohl. He mentions Joel Schumacher by name, since their video was inspired by his film Falling Down. Nice touch. Then Dave spreads the good word and gives a shout out to the former "rock" administration, "Never lose faith in real rock and roll music you may have to look around a little harder for it but never loss faith in rock and roll. This one goes out to Judy McGrath." Judy was the big boss that built MTV Networks, that is until May of this year. Rumors swirl as to the why.
  4. No hosts: Nominated artists introducing other nominees who perform.... neat twist to show a different side of the artist community. I found it refreshing. And while I like Kevin Hart - his pre-taped behind the scenes comedy video bits fell flat. They didn't mesh with the real-time vibe of the show.
  5. Chris Brown dance number on wires with cool remix of his stuff and things like Nirvana?Okay it was actually pretty cool. The Throne duo performance? Not so much.
  6. Neat kid ensemble dance remix, then a cursing "Jo" finally bringing Britney on stage for Video Vanguard award? Hmm, not cool.
  7. Beyonce Knowles is the new Tina Turner - a classic performer. Congrats on the baby news. What a way to make an announcement.
  8. Injured Jesse J as the house band? This didn't work out all that well.
  9. Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse at Abbey Road recording is real music. And Jazz getting front and center stage at a pop culture show. A wow moment. Another big OMG moment was Bruno Mars and his big band tribute performance. It gave me shivers and it got the audience up and dancing in the aisles. Jazz man, nothing like it.
  10. Katy's cube hat! Katy's Geisha outfit and umbrella. KATY Katy katy... was everywhere but she still seems sweet and humble. Refreshing.
  11. Okay 1 more, just because: The Geek moment of the night: Jennifer Lawrence introducing first ever Hunger Games movie preview from the NC film set.

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