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Monday, March 07, 2011

#ChevySXSW 2011 Road Trip Challenge has started!

Here is my one-stop shop to track the 10 twenty eleven road trip teams as they drive from their respective home towns to Austin for SXSW this week.

What follows are links to the teams and their profiles, blogs, etc. The challenges and locations are secret this year, so the teams and the world will find out about them in real-time. Remember each Chevy is rigged with mobile wi-fi internet access to help them publish content and communicate from the road plus OnStar is on the ready to assist along the way. Good luck #ChevySXSW drivers!

  1. Team NYC (NY NY duh) - about, team twitter @nycsxsw, ask, car tweets @nycchevy
  2. Team SxChiGirls (Chicago IL) - about, team twitter #SxChiGirls, car tweets @chevychi
  3. Team High Five (Detroit) - about, team twitter @highfivesxsw / #highfivesxsw, facebook, car tweets @detroitchevy
  4. Team Chevy's Angels (Tampa FL) - about, team twitter #ChevysAngels, car tweets @floridachevy, facebook
  5. #EhTeam (Vancouver, BC) - about, team twitter #EhTeam, car tweets @ehchevy, press
  6. Team SXSW Angels (LA) - about, blog, team twitter @sxswangels, car tweets @calichevy
  7. Team CBus (Columbus OH) - about, team twitter #teamcbus, car tweets @cbuschevy
  8. Team Motown (Detroit) - about, team twitter @motownsxsw / #motownsxsw, facebook, car tweets @chevymotown
  9. Team Autofollow (Toronto) - about, team twitter @chevyyyz / #TeamAutofollow? (i can't find much about this team which is ironic), car tweets @torontochevy
  10. Team Buffetts Bros (Omaha NE) - about, team twitter @buffettsbros, car tweets @catchabuffett

Updated: March 9 to include tumblr sites for Chevy’s Angels, Autofollow, @chevyyyz and all vehicle twitter accounts.

Follow all of the team members via my Twitter List @therab/chevysxsw2011/ as they see the USA in a Chevrolet! Here are the list members, pls offer corrections / updates. Leave comments, send well-wishes, let the smack talk fly. Follow hashtag #ChevySXSW via twazzup or twitter search. Also follow the challenge judges with @sxswangels/judges/members. Here is the official introduction to the team captains on sxsw.com. You can follow team progress on this handy map app courtesy of OnStar. Each Chevy vehicle is also tweeting out messages via GPS triggered events with OnStar.

You can support the teams through an education charity this year via Adopt-a-classroom. The team's have more info on their blogs.

Remember, don't text / blog and drive. Use your teammates and sign the No Phone Zone pledge. Sounds funny but it's no joke. Be safe and see you on the finish-line.

See all that Chevrolet is up to at SXSW on sxsw.com/chevrolet and follow their blog chevysxsw.posterous.com.

#ncchevysxsw found a hawt custom @Chevrolet Pick-up in Laplace LA

Disclaimer: I am a #ChevySXSW 2011 road trip challenge judge. I drove for Team NC with Jason Keath, Nicole D'Alonzo and Wayne Sutton in the first road trip last year. See all my SXSW exploits from last year. The photo above was somewhere along our trip through Louisiana where we found a really custom Chevy truck on the roadside. Pictured left to right is me, Niki and Jason.

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