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Friday, January 14, 2011

Time Movies On

As I watched the 16th Annual Critic's Choice Movie Awards on VH1 tonight I am reminded of 3 things.
  1. The Jackass guys are all right. Their Inception spoof at the open was a spot on touch of brilliant funny. (See Jackass 3D to laugh harder.)
  2. I watched too many films in 2010, and probably too much TV about films... but I can't wait to now watch the Golden Globes on Sunday night!
  3. I need hurry up and watch several 2010 films that are apparently brilliant which didn't make my 2010 Best Of list. However, I still really kinda want to see The Green Hornet this weekend after seeing Michel Gondry's awesome trippy version of Jimmy Kimmel last night with Seth Rogen.
  4. And here's a fourth item b/c 3 weren't enough: Quentin Tarantino is the man. He is truly an inspiration as an artist.

My list of films from 2010 I want / need to watch are .... help me if I missed anything worthwhile or if I should drop others that still aren't worth it.
  1. True Grit – I really hopes this wins Oscar for best film. I watching the original on AMC last weekend.
  2. The Social Network – okay, this is out on Blu-ray, I guess I should break down and friend it. Not sure if I'll Like it however. And I'd like to see why the soon-to-be Peter Parker is all the rage.
  3. Black Swan – dark horse for best film of 2010, so I surmise.
  4. Let Me In – the real "good" vampire epic of 2010.
  5. The Fighter – So much good gritty energy here. Christian Bale won the CCMA for best supporting actor. Kudos and nice hair cut and beard Batman.
  6. The Town – here's hoping Ben gets a best director nod.
  7. Tangled – one of the few kid fare animated 3D features I didn't see w/ my kids last year, and it actually looks pretty neat with the anime inspired design.
  8. Conviction – 2 words: Sam Rockwell.
  9. Enter The Void – Quentin says it's good stuff so...
  10. Waiting for Superman
  11. Inside Job
  12. Easy A – won best comedy of 2010 at Critic's Choice Movie Awards – over Date Night, so that's saying something. Best and most awkward speech of the CCMAs, Director explained the success of the comedy by saying, "It's about pretending to have sex in high school, which is something we are all very familiar with, and I think a lot of the critics are too... and the online critics.... aaaannd the Social Network table. [rim shot from the band] Wow, Maroon 5 woke up. Thank You. Although Emma ... she was home schooled, she didn't go to high school, so I hope you didn't pretend to have sex at home. Except your brother is kinda hot. Super hot." Silence from the audience and a Wow from star Emma Stone.
  13. The Tillman Story
  14. Exit Through The Gift Shop – Banksy says relax.
  15. Restrepo
  16. Blue Valentine – epic love, marriage, relationships and other things that go right / wrong.
  17. Red – because action and comedy go together like an old fashioned, well, sometimes.
  18. Rabbit Hole
  19. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (foreign)
  20. I Am Love (foreign)
  21. The Other Guys
  22. Youth in Revolt
  23. Repo Men
  24. Unstoppable
  25. Green Zone
  26. The Runaways
  27. Machete
And I think it's worth saying, Inception won Critic's Choice Movie awards for:
  1. Best Action Movie
  2. Best Cinematography
  3. Best Art Direction
  4. Best Editing
  5. Best Visual Effects
  6. Best Sound

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