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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Twenty Interesting People of Twenty Ten

A list of people I am grateful I had the opportunity to meet / talk / hang with in 2010.... good / cool / smart / fun people.

  1. Jill Hanner - she of Youtube video show fame - Met at Social Fresh Charlotte, acted as her social nerd ambassador to NC while crashing the speaker's dinner. I am impressed with the method behind her madness.
  2. Scott Stratten - he of Un-marketing fame - Met for dinner at the Pit BBQ in Raleigh during his book tour, hung out at Pecha Kucha IdeaSpark. He is humble, grounded and smart. Nice qualities that qualify him to be the life guard watching over the deep end of the Social marketing know-it-all pool.
  3. Philip DeFranco - AKA PhillyD AKA SXEPhil - he of incredible manic YouTube video show fame - Met while playing pool at Mashable party at Buzzard Billiards during SXSW. Super nice and approachable. Jason Keath and I talked to him about ECU and video editing techniques. Watch his show.
  4. Zadi Diaz - The epic host of Epic Fu, a killer geek culture video show - Met at Pepsi Podcast Playground at SXSW. Very sweet, very real, very chill. A highlight of South by for me. Epic Whoo.
  5. Victoria Morehead - AKA Veemoe - Met through friends of friends at the Star Wars Live in Concert. I Like her FB stream of pop culture consciousness. I heard from some guy named Greg that she's a heck of a design whiz also. She also still rocks the blogger blog like me.
  6. Gregory Ng AKA The Frozen Foodmaster - Bonded deeply while eating frozen lasagna during Freezerburns Live! video show in Austin hotel during SXSW. and at countless other awesome NC events like the epic MovemberThon at Phonebooth.com.
  7. iJustine - she of daily life vlog fame - Met on sidewalk shooting High5 video segments with Team Detroit at SXSW, after the Mashable party got too crowded. She really seems like a sweet genuine young lady.
  8. Ben Huh - The I Can Has Cheezburger King and builder of LOLz - Met at Web2.0 Expo and we discussed ideas that make people happy with Brady Forrest after Ignite SF. He signed my I Can Has A Hotdog book and I promptly lost it the day after. Fail blog about me in there somewhere, am I right?
  9. Adam Christensen - connoisseur of fine food truck tacos and shepherd of smarter planet voices - Met IRL finally at SXSW for IBMer lunch to, of course, test drive some tacos.
  10. Tiffany Winman - she of until recently Mad-hatter hat avatar fame and pulse of IBM Pulse - Met IRL over tacos with Adam and Rawn Shah to discuss how social is done right and pondered why IBM wasn't more of a part of the epic conf that is "South by." Ironically, she gave me a cool hat.
  11. Henry Balanon and Brandon Chesnutt - they of Team Detroit epic Chevy SXSW road trip fame - Met them at SXSW and I really like their style, surmising that they will in fact go far. They go strong. Party time, excellent. High Five!
  12. Apl.de.ap and Will.I.Am - purveyors of fine dropped beats and prognosticators of good feelings related to tonight - Met late night Raleigh at BEP show after-party over mad DJ beats and a hot-dog cart.
  13. Doc Searls - he of Cluetrain fame - Met at Dub dub dub twenty ten in Raleigh. Oh, and that other WWW guy Sir Tim Berners-Lee (see: HTTP). He gave me a cool W3C sticker and dropped the knowledge about semantic data and the open web.
  14. Dennis Crowley - he of Foursquare fame - Met through mutual friends at South by gatherings and late night games in Austin hotel lobby. Whip smart cookie. His private party was also interesting.
  15. Tessa Horehled - she of ultimate coolness - Came, saw, kicked past the posers and lines at SXSW - VIP style. Heck I gotta shout out to the whole SXSW team experience: Linnea Corn, Rich Tucker, Summer Joy, Emily Haughey, Chris Moody, Dave Murray, Audrey Walker, Adam Holden-Bache, Heather Macdonald, Allie Sullivan, Chris Barger, Tammy Camp, Phil Colley, Nicole Carriere, Schneider Mike, John Taylor, Ginny Skalski, Daniel Hamilton, Jeff Cohen, Kipp Bodnar, Jim Tobin, Dom Sagolla, Jay Cuthrell, Brandon Smith, Sledge the Photographer and the rest of the Austin beer and burrito appreciation society. I know I left people out.
  16. Ron Mattocks – he of Dad Blogger (for moms?) fame – Met at Type-A Mom's Conference in Asheville NC. I spoke about privacy while blogging in the social media age with the also excellent Jim Turner. Ron's blog Clark Kent's Lunchbox just blows me away. Consistently. And I thank Ron, Jim, Clay, Kelby and all the fine folks at #TypeACon for opening my eyes to the nuanced world of mom / dad blogging. I have sorta kinda been doing it for years, and now it has a name.
  17. Of course the most ultimate Road Trip Team EVAR: Jason Keath, Nicole D'Alonzo and THE Wayne Sutton. After a combined 6 days in a Chevy we probably know each other a little bit too much. But we survived and thus I bestow upon you each a hardy That's what she said, Untz untz untz, and then slow it on down with a slow jam moment courtesy of Miss Alicia Keys.
Whew, twenty ten was busy. What will happen this year?

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Moody said...

Thanks for the love dude. I had so much fun with you guys in Austin. I'm hoping some miracle happens to get me back there this year.

Nice summary man... what a busy year!