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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

TRON movie memory: recompile(1982, 2010); sentiment.collect(10); blog.upload(output);

A bunch of people have been scrambling to find out-of-circulation copies of the 1982 Disney futuristic epic Tron on DVD. Well okay, maybe just me and my nerdy internet / geek movie friends. Blockbuster, Netflix, Amazon on Demand, RedBox – no dice. I read online about a guy re-reviewing the movie based on a Netflix DVD rental in March of this year, but now Netflix has the availability listed as unknown. Disney did a good job locking down all copies of the old DVD "in the vault." The 20th Anniversary Edition Special Edition 2-disc DVD released in 2002 is fetching from $55 to $110 on eBay. Heck, I've been looking for a copy for over a month and as luck would have it found the prized double disc at my local video rental store this past weekend. See – the little indie video shop down the street that still rents VHS is good for finding the vintage goods! A group of afore mentioned internet tweeps and I are attending the Tron Legacy 3D premiere at Midnight Thursday night in Durham NC, so Tron 1.0 screenings were in order natch. There was a screening of the film at my house and the home of Tim Arthur Saturday night. I decided half way into the movie I really had to collect comments from everyone watching the movie after 20-30 years. I thought it would be fascinating to see how the film holds up to our fond childhood memories and the massive hype of the new shiny digital film. Many think this movie was really ahead of it's time both for the visual effects and the intellectual themes regarding intellectual property rights, software design and user vs program conflict. Who knew we'd be struggling with the same core issues with technology 30 years later? Here is my 10 bullet crowd-sourced TRON movie review in nerdy Courier font.

  1. It didn't really have a beginning. – Ryan

  2. Laughingly overacted but the visuals hold up surprisingly well today. Tim Arthur

  3. David Warner as 'Sark' totally rocked. John Rees

  4. Hey it's EDS. LOL – Darren Noel

  5. The blonde lady kissed both guys, so unlady like. Michael B. Render

  6. I'm not watching your movie about robots. AND Your movie has bored me from downstairs. – My wife

  7. TRON was visually ahead of its time. Damond Nollan

  8. Spoiler Alert: Thought they were going to show how he got back into the game at the end. Wayne Sutton

  9. So, it just sort of ends. – Darren
    Hence the sequel 30 years later. The time is right and the tech has caught up right? - Ryan

  10. I just don't get it. – My 8 year son (He asked about 45 questions during the movie... we'll have to see if Tron Legacy clears all of that up.)

End of Line. – MCP


jreesnc said...

We are so jaded today with special effects. However, when this came out, it was a big thing, and I remember how badly I wanted a light cycle!

Michael Martine said...

I remember coding the application on my TRS80 CoCo so I could pretend to be zipping around in the computer -- ah but for the days of early computing!