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Saturday, December 11, 2010

25 days of Video – Day 6 – Bears!!

The family and I took a trip on Labor Day weekend up to a small mountain cottage getaway in Roaring Gap, North Carolina. We explored Stone Mountain State Park, home of the Black Bear. Imagination runs wild. Hilarity ensues.

This trip was chock full of dark and starry nights, lo-tech (no internet or cable tv), s'mores by fire, stark quiet, bottles of cheap wine, wooden puzzle and card games, long walks and quality time with the family. See photos from our family adventure in Western NC!

Check in for my next video tomorrow!

The 25 days of video is a series of short videos from my unpublished collection of footage from 2010. I will reveal a new video each day in December 2010 – a random time capsule unearthed to share the year's happenings.

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