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Sunday, December 26, 2010

25 days of video – day 21 – Snowpocalypse Edition

It snowed this week. We had the first White Christmas around the Triangle of North Carolina since 1947-ish according to RDU weather records and the Piedmont Triad of NC last saw snow in 1962. Here is the view from our house in Wake Forest on Christmas Day 2010.

The "2010 Snowpocalypse" as the blogs and media started calling the east coast snow blizzard was decidedly more treacherous in the northern parts of the country. My cousin Caroline and her family were supposed to drive from NC home to DC and fly to Florida to see more family on Monday/Tuesday of this week. I hope they travel safe!

Check in for my next video tomorrow!

The 25 days of video is a series of short videos from my unpublished collection of footage from 2010. I will reveal a new video each day in December 2010 – a random time capsule unearthed to share the year's happenings.

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