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Friday, December 17, 2010

25 days of video – Day 12 - TRON Legacy

My 12th video of December is also the instant movie review from the TRON Legacy Tweetup in Durham NC last night. I mashed up the review of TRON last Saturday night and did the same with the sequel on video. I thought TRON Legacy 3D was a great film.

Group 1 sentence reviews:
  • Expectations met... no. – Michael
  • Ehhhh... – Lawrence
  • Not going to win any Oscars but the visuals are impressive. – Tim
  • Visuals were good but the dialog was not. – John
  • Visually entertaining! – Wayne
  • ....I liked the Plot! – Ryan
  • All I have to say is Daft Punk = 2 thumbs up! – Damond
  • 1 word: Beautiful! – Danielle

Check in for my next video tomorrow!

The 25 days of video is a series of short videos from my unpublished collection of footage from 2010. I will reveal a new video each day in December 2010 – a random time capsule unearthed to share the year's happenings.

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