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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Unconferences + Conferences = WIN

I'm compiling some info on unconferences and barcamps as tracks at big conferences. I asked previously which barcamps were best. This is a different slant, to explore how unconferences at conferences facilitate better / undiscovered content, discussions and learning. Some questions I hope to answer or prove out:
  • Is this the new normal? (signs point to yes)
  • Are they really BoF chosen by the audience in real-time?
  • Which conferences do it best – your input please
  • What constitutes a successful unconference session?
    (head count, head count as % of conference attendance, quality of content / conversion shared)
  • What format works best?
    (ad hoc, round tables, hybrid, D. all of the above)
  • Do unconference tracks attract developers in a complimentary way to scheduled / sponsored speakers?
Here is an incomplete list to get started... comments please.

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