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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Online Reputation Management at Internet Summit

Live blog of Online Reputation Management (ORM) 3 part session
Raleigh Convention Center, room 302
November 18, 3:30pm

Part 1
Dallas Lawrence, Proofic

Dallas' talk was rock solid and I really enjoyed it but didn't take enough notes. He will post slides online later, I'll link. This was the story that stuck with me:

Senator Claire McCaskill (@clairecmc) breaks news on twitter as she is walking out of the Oval Office, while 5 other senators are racing back to the sticks to get on CNN for a TV spot. CNN now just follows Claire on twitter and reports her tweets as soon as they happen. CNN used to report "from Claire McCaskill via twitter." Now they just say "from Claire McCaskill" and drop the twitter part. Twitter is just another channel now. Learn how to use it well.

With challenging bad reporting or social media accounts:
There is a big difference between factually incorrect and painful.

Part 2
ORM in 7 minutes per day

2-minute ORM: Reputations you should be monitoring http://gri.ms/KUVW

7-minute ORM: Google
what are your potential customers going to see?

7-minute ORM: SEO
we've been focusing on keywords we want to be associated with
worry about your brand name
we need to talk about ourselves in the 3rd person
mention yourself a bunch of times
Advertising 101 applies to SEO as well
think about this with all of your web content

7-minute ORM: Press Center
bonus tip: ... mmm ... Delicious.com
bookmark all things that mention your company in a positive light
plug the Delicious feed into Google Feedburner
Feedburner will generate some HTML bits to embed in your Press Center, PR and blogs

7-minute ORM: Social Guidelines
a lot of people call these SM policies
if these turn into stereo instructions
give your employees the bare minimum and trust your employees to do the right thing

7-minute ORM: know your audience
find your centers of influence – where do your customers hang out?
don't try to be everywhere, invest your time in the right place(s)

1-minute ORM: Monitoring
Use Trackur. It's easy to setup. This is kinda a plug but not really b/c it's free. Use the other 6 minutes to drink some coffee or something.

7-minute ORM: Clean up
  1. Be sincere. Most people just want a genuine apology. The longer you wait, the more sincere and generous you have to be.
  2. Be transparent. Explain the situation and key 2nd part: what you're going to do to prevent it from happening again.
  3. Be consistent.

Part 3 is...
Kevin Newsome from Yelp!
Great tips about how small businesses should be using reputation management on Yelp! to engage their customers and brand advocates aka fans.

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