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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Live-blog of CIO / CTO Viewpoints panel from Internet Summit

CIO / CTO panel
CIO / CTO Viewpoints at Internet Summit 2010
Raleigh Convention Center, Ballroom C
Thursday November 18, 9:40am

Jeff Spalding is serving as the moderator
Background: Peak10 - IaaS provider, many markets up and down the east coast, providing virtualization, security, cloud services.

Introduce yourself and tell us "What are your top 2 or 3 initiatives for 2010?"

Robert Hubbard, CTO reverb nation
fan management, e-commerce
1. mobile apps to prom - android
2. domain specific ad platform, social targeting for artists

Suzanne Gordon, VP CIO SAS
largest software company in world depending on reports you read
34 years of consecutive growth (been there 30 of those years)
voted best place to work in 2010, she is proud of this
Innovation investment: R&D at SAS is 23% of revenue

1. internal apps, collaborative technology
2. storage analytics
3. cloud - private cloud, platform as a service

Gerald Fralick, CIO State of North Carolina
NC ranked #1 in nation for bringing business into the state
Formerly CIO of DOJ in DC
Consolidated 26 Grant systems into one
1st Czar of Grants, Grants Executive Board

1. Continue with consolidation
2. Reduce expense
3. Establish Centers of excellence for best practices
4. update web portal - hasn't changed in 10 years

What is impact of the current "down" economy on IT operations?
SAS CIO: We not hiring many IT people in this down economy.
NC CIO: work with vendor community on renegotiated contracts with compromises that are mutually beneficial with shared services for agencies and departments. We're looking at Cloud computing now. Didn't have any Cloud policy 1 year ago. Looking at Hybrid cloud.
Reverb CTO: At a small company, the availability of skilled developers is greater in a down economy.
SAS CIO: In a down economy, it gives you a good view into

Let's talk about your initiatives. Since it's one of the biggest topics at this conference: What is the impact of social media in your business?
Reverb CTO: We get 50% of our Artist recruitment from Facebook. Social is everything for our music artists.
SAS CIO: Since we're a B2B company, we have to figure out how to use these social media sites. We're working on plans for an internal social network to share "what they are doing at work." It's hard to not reinvent the wheel as this gets bigger.
NC CIO: The Governor has encouraged NC agencies to communicate via Facebook, blogs and twitter. Twitter is one of the largest communication channel for NC state agencies to reach the public. Facebook is going to be a neighbor soon, with the new data center down near Rutherford NC.

SAS CIO: Let me ask the audience a question: How many people are on Facebook? 99% of audience raises their hand. How many people are on Twitter? About the same raised their hand, like 90%. LinkedIn? Everyone in the room.
I don't care that much about that one [Twitter]. You have to see what is relevant to your company use. With facebook you can ask things and get feedback. With twitter, it seems like you put stuff out there and I'm not sure if you get anything back.

NC CIO: There are social policies in place. You have to see whether it's appropriate to mix business and personal.

SAS CIO: SASCommunity.org site to let the audience determine what sort of content to put on there. There are twitter-like things on there. It's great to use crowdsourcing in this way.

Opening up floor to questions from audience...

What is the impact of outsourcing in your business?
SAS CIO: We don't do outsourcing. We create new branches of the company in other countries, like India.
NC CIO: We do outsource work and will continue to do this with future work. We don't do this because it's cheap, we do it when it's cost-effective. We are about jobs jobs jobs in NC. We will also focus on

Web Content Manager for NC state agency - how do you get buy-in from other agencies to use social media who are "just afraid of it"?
NC CIO: The use of social media is new to many in these government roles. We have a lot of work to do to educate people and focus on this going forward.

Reverb CTO: We have a culture of trust. We think it's more important to get things right than to be right.

How are you showing value to the business from your IT departments?
NC CIO: We have established metrics to highlight projects with cost savings.

Suzanne, could you talk about cloud use at SAS and why you are using private clouds, and a bit about the technology?

SAS software became too big to demo on laptops. We then moved to blades that you could check out with SAS images on them. Then we moved to virtualization, on a private cloud. We use NetApp with a special partnership to manage the images. We are now hosting customer images of SAS software and data. We're looking to work with hosting partners to enable this more.

Peak10 EVP: Two main drivers for Cloud adoption we see are: capital avoidance and operational cost. Speed to market and quality of service are biggest advantages that Cloud customers say they realize.

My question: Since your asked the audience this question, I'd ask the same to each of you. How many of you are on social networks – Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn – and how do you use these to communicate with your employees and customers to establish and use what we call "Social Capital" on the web?

Reverb Nation CTO: I'm on all 3. We have a twitter account for the brand, but it's more for marketing. @reverbnation

SAS CIO: I'm on all 3 also.
SAS established accounts for many executives at the recent SAS Global Forum. I'm @suzanneCIO (and @SuzanneSGordon) on twitter. Please follow me, maybe if I had more followers maybe I'd use twitter more. (laughs from crowd) I'm a long time user of Facebook, but use it from more of a personal stand point, to keep up with my kids in high school. I'm a very social person. I find that even if my kids don't follow me, their friends do. My kids call me the social stalker. I also have 2 blogs. One to tell people what we're working on, and one is personal to share books I'm reading.

NC CIO: Find me on scio.nc.gov. All my profiles are listed there. We are also looking at using IM in the NC gov more. However, under executive order 18, we're supposed to archive digital records and emails for 10 years. We are looking into whether IM is going to be applicable to that law.

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