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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Future of the Internet is...

Moments from the opening keynote at the 3rd annual Internet Summit
Raleigh Convention Center, November 17 2010

Internet Summit crowd pre-keynote in Raleigh Convention Ctr Ballroom B #isum10

I didn't take notes in this keynote but I did take some cool panoramic photos. I will start with a photo from my real-time quiz: Can you name the keynoters from their shoes and/or socks? We have boots, running shoes, cowboy boots and red socks + loafers.

Poll: can you name the Internet Summit "Future" key... on Twitpic

Okay, they are – left to right – Dana Todd, Joe Gregorio, Rod Smith and Bob Young. The Future of the Internet keynote featured a whip-smart purple hair sportin' moderator from NewsForce and thought leaders from IBM, Google and Lulu.com.

Rod Smith, IBM VP & Fellow, talks about the infrastructure "pipes" needed to support our big data consumption habits #isum10

Add these panoramic shots together and you get something like a 540° view of the Internet Summit. Cool huh.

Panoramic of @Internet_summit "Future" keynote and audience #isum10

Here are some links to other blogs and choice tweets about Dana, Joe, Rod and Bob.

Key mentionables
  • Bob Young said, guiding a company is like conducting an art class. it's not about having the most technology or experience, it's about learning how to collaborate to harness and unleash the creativity of the team.
  • Rod Smith said, the future growth of the tech world isn't about just the technology but the infrastructure. He needs bigger pipes going into his house to live / work / play online at the same time. He mentioned video conferencing and movie live-streaming as examples.
  • Net Neutrality is a very important concern (echoes from WWW2010 in Raleigh much?). Bob Young said for the individual or startup to compete with the IBMs and Googles of the world, Net Neutrality is a key issue for internet policy.
  • Joe Gregorio said, mobile smart phone adoption still has a way to go but it's getting there, with 30% market penetration on the horizon in 2011.
  • Joe Gregorio said blogs are dead, they are growing – the format is just changing and syndication through other platforms is an evolution of the medium. Hear hear.
  • Rod Smith said, people don't browse the web on their phone that much yet – and the smart phone app market is where people go to find specialized web services.
  • Dana Todd told an audience member to start marketing your SMB on Google Places for local customer loyalty and ask for referrals and reviews. Engage with the easy free stuff people already use.

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