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Monday, October 11, 2010

No Blogworld Expo Twenty ten for you - C'est la vie

Well friends, I didn't win the Dads Talking contest. I'm not going to Vegas this week to break bread with the digital elite. It's fine. Really. I appreciate your support. It's very odd for me to ask people to retweet stuff. More thoughts on that later. At the end of the day, my kids are going to have a blast this Thursday at the NC State Fair and I'm co-hosting the Deep Fried Triangle Tweetup. Really - what price can you put on that? Well, $5 and maybe your heart health but... I digress.

Many people on "the local scene" have commented that I've not been doing as much over the summer. They haven't seen me around as much. I like to say, I haven't seen you around. Ha, I kid. Let's just say I've been reevaluating priorities to some degree. I had, er have, a problem saying No to people. I'm plenty busy back here in the remote NC blogger bunker. Plotting, scheming, painting. There are some fairly exciting things on the horizon. Things I won't talk about in detail. Let's just say, behind the scenes creative juices are flowing into little buckets of awesome sauce. Mmmm can you smell it?! Some of the inspiration baked in is definitely drawn from the cultural learnings drawn from excellent folks I've spent time with over the course of this year, on the Chevy road trip, SXSW, Web2.0 Expo, WWW2010 and Type-A Mom. I'm looking forward to the holidays and family time. It's almost time for the ubiquitous end of year list blog posts. I love lists.

Now, where is the pause button on teh Interwebs while all of you are in Vegas this week? ;)

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