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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Privacy and Security in a New Media World w/ @Genuine

Slides from the ‘Privacy and Security in a New Media World’ session for Dad’s Track at #TypeAMom conference. Session leaders are Jim Turner (@genuine) and myself me (aka @theRab) . I wanted to post the session slides along with additional topics from the discussion. Please share your blog recaps, questions and comments here or on twitter and let’s keep this conversation going. There is so much to talk about.

Note: Here are the original discussion questions. Also now on Slideshare.

Here are some of the topics we touched on in the session. What are you interested in?

  • How we all starting blogging with identity obscuring persona names
  • Security: PTA and publicly posting child names, places, check-out times etc - what are they thinking?
  • To post or not to post: How to share family photos with family or otherwise
  • People taking photos with your children in them - and posting these online - Facebook etc
  • How do you manage your online persona between work and family?
  • Friending only family on Facebook, yet posting on a blog publicly
  • Where to share photos: Flickr with "family" and "friends" privacy settings, Facebook with privacy setting headaches
  • Parental permission with schools posting identity comprising information
  • Devil's advocate: Does posting about your family give you more credibility as an authentic blogger?
  • Over-sharing: "I embarrass my kids online!" ~ Jim
  • Jim live-blogged 2 of his children's births. He got big spikes in traffic with each contraction!
  • Checking in at conferences for connecting
  • Example: Stalking via Location based social networks at business events
  • Using Foursquare / Location based services as a "Check-out" activity, not "check-in"
  • Using pseudonyms in place of spouse and children's names when blogging and sharing. For example: Baby "M" - @4MrsG - "Superboy" - Mrs @theRab
  • Chronicle your life for your future children ~ Kevin Rose foursquare data rationale
  • Check out Blue Coat internet safety software called K-9, it's free! Software barks when child visits black-listed websites
  • Check out Gavin De Becker's work on evaluating online threats
Note: I posted a live-blog from the daddy vlogging session with Greg Ng AKA@freezerburns and @daddyclay from DadLabs.com.

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