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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Pick-up Artist at Type-A Mom

Tag teamed by Ron Mattocks (Clark Kent's Lunchbox) and Megan Jordan (Velveteen Mind)

Have a purpose.
Understand the influencer audience. Wives nudge husbands.

Set me up on a bromance with your husband. Most of the current audience for Dad blogs is actually Moms. Help us to help you to help him. Send your husband to us and we'll send him back a better man. ~ Clay Nichols (Dad Labs)

"The Collectors" don't get it. These are Dad bloggers that write to and friend Mom bloggers for traffic. This is not how to get notice. This is how to get blocked. ~ Megan Jordan

We're rethinking the notion of masculinity. We want the country's idea of fatherhood and masculinity to catch up with yours. ~ Clay Nichols

Getting paid is 1 goal but...
Blogging for peanuts (Giftcards) should not be the end all.
Agencies don't get it, social media is media. Would you not pay radio to place an ad?
Understand the value of your blog. Dad bloggers don't know this yet.

Video is magic. Video is more legitimate than blogging now. ~ Alli Worthington

Create a strategy that is not related to "the pitch"
250 hits/day is not great for PR, but is okay for a blog. ~ Megan Jordan
Build social currency.
Here's a great idea: Bring Value. Wait I already said that right? ~ Ron Mattocks

What Ron learned from Megan:
The Product is not a book. The Product is my words. Good words, good content. Don't pitch a product, tell a story.

Question: Is a Mom/Dad blogger that doesn't talk about her/his kids a Parent blogger?

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