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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Type A Mom session list

These are the sessions I attended at the Type A Mom conference this past weekend. I will post my thoughts from the event later in the week.
  1. Dad Vlogging, with Clay Nichols and Greg Ng, moderated by Jim Turner
  2. Privacy and Security in a New Media world, with myself Ryan Boyles and Jim Turner
  3. Foodie Tribe, with Ilina Ewen
  4. Blogging with humor, personality and voice, with Jenny Ingram and Megan Jordan, moderated by Clay Nichols
  5. What Dad Bloggers can learn from the Moms, with Megan Jordan and Ron Mattocks
  6. Placebloggers, with Sarah Pinnix
  7. Biltmore's Guide to Wine and Food Pairing, with Kristine Kocan
I met some interesting and incredible people at the event and over good food in Asheville.

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