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Friday, September 17, 2010

Dad's Life - Online

Type-A Mom conference

I've been working on a session for the upcoming Type-A Mom Conference and the awesome new Dad's Track. The blogger conference is to be held in beautiful Asheville North Carolina next weekend. I'm very excited to be a speaker and even more pumped now that I'm paired up with Dad blogger extraordinaire Jim Turner (you know the most @genuine guy you'll ever meet!). We're going to be tackling the hot topic of the year: Privacy + Security + Dad Bloggers, in the New Media world. It's going to be awesome.

I hope you see the inherit value of this topic for yourself as a blogger or online person. I've been living online since 2001 and blogging since around 2004ish. I'm a proud dad to two great sons. I thought it is best to share a quick outline of the talk. I am open to receiving feedback and also questions for the session in advance. I want to connect with other "Fathers who blog" (and moms too). What are your stories and tips? If I don't hear from you before hand, I hope to see you in Asheville on Sept 23rd. As always, find me on twitter as @theRab.

A quick 28 word take:
In a world where personal branding is the new normal, privacy is not just another buzz word for dads who blog. Fathers balance safety and success in real-time.

Some questions to be explored:
  1. How are our perspectives of privacy changing?
  2. How is the shift in online personas affecting blogs?
  3. Who is the invisible audience, really? Are they still invisible?
  4. What is the inherit value of publicness?
  5. Can you be "social" online without Facebook?
  6. What part do Privacy laws play in parenting online?
  7. How do bloggers find the right balance between public and "private" sharing?
  8. Why does living online mean opening Pandora's box?
  9. Is there a generational divide online?
  10. If personal "content" is a New Media commodity, what does that make "users" who create it?
  11. What are the expectations of the new Internet Society?
  12. How do parents apply online safety criteria?
  13. What does it mean to grow up online in 2010?
  14. What is the new new media approach to teen safety and "friends?"
  15. What happens when families are not longer?
  16. Where can I use location based services, with safety in mind?
  17. Danah Boyd said "Privacy is not dead" but does it seem kinda undead?
  18. Who made 2010 the year of the "Daddy Blogger" anyway? :)
Your take-aways:
Audience engagement and daily life are the odd couple of New Media. Trust, control and creativity are not mutually exclusive. Reasonable expectations of privacy and security are important and real.

So, I'm wondering... Are you a dad who blogs? Have you seen or participated with Dad's Talking, Dadosphere, DigitalDads or DadLabs? Do you connect with other dad's online?

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