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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dad Vlogging at TypeAmom conference

Type-A Mom conference
Daddy Vlogging
Sept 25, 2010 – 8:45am
Renaissance Asheville, Alexander room 2nd floor

panel is
Clay (@daddyclay) dadlabs.com
Greg Ng (@freezerburns) freezerburns.com
Jim Turner - moderator (@genuine)

why do you vlog?
my inspiration is Gary Vaynerchuk of Winetv - Greg
I did set out from the start to do this as a business.
we're in the business to produce video content and help dad's improve themselves - Clay
we do the stuff to show that it's okay and so that you don't have to - to entertain and educate.

where do you even start?
tubemogul is the best friend of any video blogger - Clay

if you have $500 to spend, use $400 on a good microphone and $100 on a camera (Flip is how i started) - Greg

measure - don't use a tool unless it gives you good insight into your audience other than views - Greg
i know when people are watching and from where.

what tools are great?
blip.tv - automatic publishing to wordpress - Greg
depends on your audience.
my audience is stoner college kids and grocery shopping moms.
give exclusive things to your different channels which are different audiences.

you can use free tools like iMovie to start out - Clay

[baby wailing in the background] (note: it's great to have a conference where you can bring kids!)

how much time goes into vlogging a show?
35 hours per week - Greg
1 hour filming
10 hours editing
rest is responding to people and gaining viewers

On syndication - Clay
vlogging is a SEO nightmare
your content is hidden to google
you can do transcripts and you should pay attention to providing good meta-data but it's not as good as blogging

On live-streaming - Greg
live-shows are great - they snowball
i have a crazy cool audience in europe, watching at 4am - the response are incredible
UStream is recommended - priority based on views - your show gets bumped up
good to test out new content on live-shows

note: join Greg for the next Freezerburns Live show at the N.C. State Fair during the Deep Fried Triangle Tweetup! The show is live and live-streamed!

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