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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Science of Presenting with Dan Zarrella

I attended a webinar about the "Science of presentations" today. This is especially topical since I gave an education talk on the subject to fellow IBMers in WebSphere on Tuesday this week. I thought there were several points from the webinar that are a good compliment to that talk. Here are some presentation preparation and presenting pro tips from Dan Zarrella @danzarrella (social media scientist) and others, via the #SciPres Hubspot webinar today. Each bullet period is a link to the tweet to facilitate retweeting, favoriting etc.
  1. Eliminate noise on your slides.
  2. No fonts below 30 points.
  3. No bullet points.
  4. Only one thought per slide.
  5. Use us-vs-them to turn your audience into evangelists.
  6. Ingratiate yourself to your audience.
  7. Say something your audience has never heard before.
  8. Set useful expectations for your audience.
  9. Influential attendees are socially-motivated.
  10. Know your audience.
  11. Men are much more likely than women to Tweet or blog about your presentation if they disagree with it.
  12. Give the audience time to Tweet and blog.
  13. Teach your audience how to do something.
  14. Make sure your sound bites make sense out of context.
  15. Craft Tweetable sound bites for every slide.
  16. Give your audience information to Tweet about that will make them look cool.
  17. Remind your audience that by attending your presentation they’re part of a community.
  18. Make your audience like you.
  19. Include breaking news and never-header-before things in your presentation.
  20. Be laser-focused on the topic your audience came to learn about.
  21. Reminder your audience to be kind and share your content.
  22. As a presenter or organizer, encourage ReTweeting.
The presentation about presentations Dan gave is on slideshare: Science of presentations
For more, read a Hubspot eBook on the subject: Science of presentations

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