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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Rules of Pit Date Night

Here are some rules for the Raleigh date night.
  1. The first rule of Pit Date Night is, you do not talk about #pitdatenight.
  2. The second rule of Pit Date Night is, okay you DO SOMETIMES talk about it... to get together your local friends, their spouses / significant others to enjoy some really good barbeque, southern food, conversation and drinks.
  3. If someone says twitter yada yada yada, goes on and on about social this or iphone that, checks in to more than 1 lbs, the date night is over. Let's agree to leave the shop talk for those wildly geeky tweetups and what not.
  4. Two people to a date. No singles.
  5. One drink at a time. There are many to choose from. I recommend Lone Rider Shotgun Betty.
  6. No shirts, no shoes, no service. Come on, The Pit is a classy southern place yaw. We have roses and champagne with our que and convo!
  7. Date nights will go on as long as they have to.... This is date night. Your smart phone and your better half deserve a night off / out (respectively in that order).
  8. If this is your first date night, you really should try the house specialty - delicious Eastern NC style chopped BBQ, and a local NC draught beer. Start with hushpuppies and mini biscuits, add a side of sweet potato fries or fried okra and you'll be in date night heaven. Trust.
Sincerely, the Pit Date Night founders Phil Buckley, John Lane, Brian McDonald and Ryan Boyles.

Thanks to our most excellent hosts Ed, Eric, Lee and the whole Pit crew. And thanks to the first time Date nighters: Latoya and Wayne Sutton, Tricia and John Lane, Garrett French, Ellen Lynch, P. Brewer and my lovely wife Kim. Apologies for the first time date night misses. Life is what happens when we're busy making plans, right? Really hoping to dine with Brian, Maura, Phil and Kristen at the next date night. Stay tuned to the hashtag #pitdatenight for the next Pit Date Night, coming soon to a The Pit BBQ near you.

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Disclaimer: Pit Date Night rules roughly adapted from The Rules of Fight Club.

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