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Monday, April 12, 2010

Summer summer summer time time to sit back and unwind

Here it is the groove slightly transformed
just a bit of a break from the norm
just a little somethin' to break the monotony
of all that hardcore dance that has gotten to be
a little bit out of control....

Preach Fresh Prince preach. time to sit back and unwind? We'll see. Here begins the blog of what can now maybe be called my annual Summertime Activity List blog post. It's already been a busy busy Spring Twenty-ten with big fun at the BEP concert, a truly global Ignite week, two wild road trips and 1 major conference. This is a list of stuff to I plan to do in 2010 with family, friends and colleagues and away we go!

Still noodling this one, but the kids are more interested in summer camps this year. Suggestions welcome for Soccer, Music / Guitar / Drums, Art, Science and Skating. Here are the camps under consideration.

Music events to rock that body. Who is coming to entertain you/me this summer?

Yes, films are important enough to plan for - this is summertime!

Networking, speaking, listening, learning... and comic books.
I'm on a boat! I'm on a plane! I'm on a family wagon! Let's go.

Occasions I best not forget lest I sucketh yea of epic proportion.
  • Margot turns 41 in April!
  • Cornell turns 40 in April!
  • Greg Barbour turns 40 in April!
  • Bacon turns 30 in May!
  • Karen Cash turns 35 in July!
  • Both Kids' birthdays in August!
  • Chef Ed turns 50 in August!
  • Our 13th wedding anniversary in August (traditional gift is lace, contemporary is fur or textiles? flower is Hollyhoch?!)
  • My birthday in September!
Sometimes the best stuff is in your own backyard. 1 day conferences and unconferences. The Triangle rocks.
Boy Days!
Stuff for Sons to do with Dad on Saturday mornings. Generally simply family friendly events.
Evening Events
Regular dates of extraordinary events. See the super helpful Social Carolina calendar and newsletter for more local awesome sauce.
Man Plans!
For us men to reconnect with our sensitive side and share our.... NO. To blow off steam, build stuff and break the monotony.
  • Rebuild my deck. Seriously, it's falling apart after 5 years. Is this supposed to happen? Well, if you volunteer to help me, I provide the tunes, pizza, wings and beer. Deal?
  • Guy's Night Out: I'm organizing monthly night out on the town for the neighborhood gents. Hit me up to get on the distro.
  • Lone Rider Brewery tasting room and tour in Raleigh
  • Big Boss Brewery tour in Raleigh
  • Fullsteam Brewery tasting room and tour in Durham - opening in August
  • Aviator Brewery tasting room and live music in Fuquay Varina
  • World Beer Festival Durham in October, lots of breweries to sample
Date Night!
Date night ideas that don't necessarily involve dinner and a movie.

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