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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth day is everyday

"One day does not a habit make."
With these words from Ilina Ewen on Earthday 2010, I started writing my own "Everyday Earthday" Twenty-ten list. Here are a few ways you can practice the good habits of honoring Mother Earth in ways small, big, global and local. Make Earth day everyday in your house. It's not a holiday, it's your/our life.

  1. Inspire others. Give an idea or story to the Smarter City project. Better yet, champion a project from the Smarter City list in your neck of the woods.
  2. Support Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. Diet is important for our children. Have you visited your child's cafeteria lunch room? What do you pack for lunch?
  3. Recycle daily. It's not hard for small 'recycling' habits in your home and workplace to add up to a big 'reuse' impact in the community.
  4. Use CFL LED Lighting. Check out Cree's LED Revolution for the fun & facts about efficient lighting for all walks of life, inside and out. Why is everyone is pushing low fuzzy compact florescent lights? LEDs are better for many reasons.
  5. Shop local. Local merchants are good for the economy and your local environment. The next time you think that big box store is more convenient, check out the little guy. You'll be glad you did in the long run. There are lots of sites (and people) to help you connect with fantastic local store owners.
  6. Drink local beer, not bottled water, when possible. All that plastic is a bad idea yaw. At least recycle plastic when you are able. Local beer in recyclable glass bottles includes Lone Rider Beer, Big Boss Brewing and others.
  7. Micro-conserve water. Trim 1 minute off your shower tomorrow, save 2-5 gallons of water. It adds up quick.
  8. Plan ahead. We are a nation of cars and truck drivers. They define our culture, economy and everyday life. Electric vehicles are coming and they can't get here soon enough for this tech nerd. Check the new Chevy Volt. By popular demand, it looks like Detroit is leading the pack toward a green-er highway. I test drove the Volt concept at SXSW 2010 (photos | video) and let me tell you: it's no Popular Mechanics fantasy. The future is here.
  9. Check yo'self before u wreck yo'self. Save serious $$ by getting an Energy Audit of your house. You can do it yourself with some of these tips from Jess Commins. Make it a fun family activity and impress your neighbors by making your domicile more energy efficient. Remember, energy efficiency is sexy, people!
  10. Stop wasting time on the internet and go outside and enjoy some good all natural serotonin and fresh air. Plant something that reproduces oxygen. You'll be glad you did. "The family that plants together, stays together." (My wife made me add this one. ha ) Okay now I'll stop.

Earth day shout-outs to the people that inspired the ideas and projects in my list.
  1. Jack Mason at IBM.
  2. Jason Keath of Social Fresh.
  3. just my daily routine.
  4. Ginny Skalski at Cree.
  5. my common practice.
  6. Sumit Vohra at Lone Rider Beer.
  7. The good folks at Twestival and Charity: Water.
  8. Phil Colley and Chris Barger at GM. (BTW, Happy Birthday today Phil! )
  9. Jess Commins of Renewabelle.
  10. My lovely wife Kim, resident green thumb / sun goddess / lawn beautification engineer.
  11. Special shout to Ilina Ewen for her 'Everyday is Earthday' meme.

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