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Friday, March 12, 2010

How Your Brand Can Succeed in the New Web with Brian Solis at SXSWi

Friday 3:30pm
Hilton Room C
Engage - new book

Who here is a champion in their company? lots of hands go up...
Who owns social media? not so many hands...

or another thing i like to ask....
who owns email?
IT or the author or the recipient?
the answer is everyone and no one

We represent the very people we are trying to reach

Are you listening to what people are saying?
Ignorance is bliss

"we" speak much louder than any company

Everything starts with listening
AND follow through with research
Understanding what it takes to mean something to someone

Look at the Conversation Prism

How many of you use Tweetdeck?
Tweetdeck is like a slot-machine $$ spin those columns

Fan suggestion is FAIL
it takes participation to engage
you have to earn attention
a "social media style guide" is needed
brands have to start thinking like "media"
chatting on twitter is not enough

there are 3 streams
  1. TV (broadcast)
  2. Phone (mobile)
  3. iPad (computing / multimedia devices)
majority of people in the "old media" demographic are using social media daily
the social compass plays off morals

how many of you have been asked to create a viral video? (lots of hands and laughs)
there is no such thing as a viral video (until it happens BY the audience)

provide VALUE!
social media needs traditional media approach and roles
  1. editors
  2. programming
  3. content marketing
think about stop loss, not just (temporary) attention / attraction
asking people to "digg" you isn't enough

don't attract people to you lame web1.0 website with social
this is not what you do with social media

Engagement is just the beginning!
(not the destination)

your audience forms the golden triangle
real-time, social, mobile
you can not ignore any of these 3

social media is about sociology and psychology more so than technology
follow our new collaboration with Jess3 - Behaviorgraphics

people "fan" you because they want to connect
not enough to be transparent and honest - this is just expected to begin with

panel comments
Jeremiah Owyang (Altimeter): Get your company ready
this is 80% of the work
  1. roles
  2. objectives
  3. policy
  4. education
get your people prepared!
you can't love your customers until you love yourself
check out glassdoor.com for looking at how your company is rated
don't work for a company that isn't rated well

what is foursquare doing for businesses?
@dens: we are building in ability for people to seed 'tips'
these are 'social bread crumbs' for recommendations and leads to social marketing

@jowyang: with things like this and yelp,
people are empowered to never make a mistake about a purchase decision again
use the social media prism to show B2B attention and participation

@briansolis: the community defines where and how they want to be engaged

Brian Solis wrote a blog post on this session named Brands Must Become Media To Earn Relevance
Also, here's the book: Engage (The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web)

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