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Saturday, March 13, 2010

#GettingStreamy with @chrismessina at #SXSW

Hilton Level 6, Ballroom G

ActivityStrea.ms: Is It Getting Streamy In Here?

Chris Messina
find him as factoryjoe on the web, flickr, tumblr etc
and now as Chris.Messina on Buzz
session hashtag is #gettingstreamy

(RAB: as well as these other cool things...)

now works for a big company
Download liberation front

Generative Structures
concept to think about designing systems
the DNA is built in
start simple, small constructs
ref: The Future of the Internet book by jonathan zittrain

never thought people would "get it" when he proposed hashtags in 2007
"we" weave meaning into the twitter stream

Fight Club clip - Jack in his kitchen 1999
"like so many others i became a slave to the ikea nesting instinct"
"what kind of dining set defines me"
augmented reality typography in the film shot - of Jack's purchases
this is an example of activity streams
of purchases in real time following you

now we have stacks of paper receipts
useless examples of activity streams that are not consumable or reusable

look at bank accounts online
they provide data in forms that suit them very well
government wants to do everything in PDFs
it is a digital form of the paper that they no longer want to send you

before social
we had portals
they were kinda social but not really

they took RSS and pipe data from one place to another

adding author + id + updated
still very much based on media model

Browsers still only show a media article view of "news" feeds - Chrome view
Facebook news feed
Dead print tree media
it all looks the same to you
no better than the paper receipts
we are stuck in 1999

the friendfeed problem
how many know what friendfeed is?
how many still use it?
how many used to use it?
you're already doing this stuff on the web
we'll pull it together into a metafeed
then FB acquired friendfeed
it has languished
how do you tell? look at the services
many are gone or acquired
Logos from 2007
if friendfeed were to try to support 58 services (today)
it's a waste of time

the solution? a universal format
this is the idea of activitystrea.ms

activity theory
object <-> tools <-> subject -<> object -> outcome (should be a triangle)
Scandinavians expanded this out
to rules, roles, mediating artifacts
this gives us a view of 'community'

add sense and means to goal -> outcome
if you examine foursquare from an activity theory perspective
you can understand the nuance of the design and understand it's more than a game

social objects
jyri engestrom
people don't just connect to each other
they connect through a shared object
these are pivot points
to derive meaning and value from network connections
example as a metaphor: game - katamari - collect social objects on yourself as you travel

youtube adds value to social objects through interaction
flickr does great stuff with activity theory
when there are the right number of people participating
things just work out
privacy on views

lifestreams and activity streams are not transitive
book: mirror worlds 1991
the second coming - a manifesto 2000
streams of time
59 points
38: a "lifestream" organizes information not as a file cabinet does but roughly as a mind does.
39: a lifestream is a series of points with context
we remember things based on location and context
memory is different for every person
the web is still largely based on the file cabinet
40: stream flows because time flows
and the stream is a concrete representation of time
and the future is your plans
this sounds a lot like Donny Darko?

snack sized sociality
we take articles like NY times
and we now have tweets with same info in bite size form
just the important (to you) bits
what's interesting is the
what if? receipts -> QR codes
mapping of behavior to micro transactions

kevin rose was recently interviewed about foursquare
essentially he sees future where his future family can view his foursquare check-ins to learn about him and his past

crumlish and malone

fit bit pedometer
we're becoming cyborgs
since he's joined google he's become a lot less mobile (activity)
to learn these things we need to gather the data over time
feltron annual report - this guy creates an annual report - for himself!
"this is f*cking brilliant"
starbucks know where i go but they don't give me an annual report like this
it's interesting if we could see if your drinking habits differ during SXSW...

last history
music is the first good example of activity stream archive - last.fm
but it's main purpose is marketing
example: combine music ical photos etc data into an activity graph

Edward Tufte
Obama recently hired him - he does some "drawrings" and stuff
what if every stimulus recepient have to emit an activity streams?
and then we could mash the crap out of it and discover new things?
why do we have to wait for Edward Tufte to do it for Obama?
i mean we've all read his books, we can do that, right?

concept of activitystrea.ms
Atom (objects) + actor + verb + target
new bits to provide context
v0.8 verbs and object list is out now
everyone can create their own container
but it's very hard to get people to start using this
starting a generative system is a small deliberate process
largely inspired by the microformats community process
process is
1. why?
2. do your homework
you can go to http://activitystrea.ms right now
"Chris finished his talk" 10:23 AM #SXSW

there is a activitystrea.ms meetup
sunday 8-9pm
austin city limits studio

q: this looks a lot like Semantic Web and RDF
a: i get this question every 5 minutes
this is exactly like RDF but less ambitious
the solution to more data is more data, but more data about the data
with the social web we are starting with baby steps

q: what about facebooks recent patent on the newsfeed
a: no comment but i'm not a fan of patents - especially those that inhibit innovation and competition

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