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Saturday, March 13, 2010

directing the dead: genre directors spill their guts at SXSW

saturday 12:30 pm
ACC Room 18abcd

neil marshall - the descent, doomsday
ruben fleischer - zombieland
robert rodriguez - planet terror, dusk til dawn, sin city
matt reeves - cloverfield
ty west - house of the devil
scott weinberg - moderator - filmnet.com / cinematical
quentin tarantino = no show
eli roth = not present

Topic 1: MPAA horror stories
bbfc has been really good to me
we do maximum gore, maximum whatever
just censored myself
dog soldiers - horrific death scene - spoon
cut out of movie himself
refused to put on DVD also b/c it would have upped the certificate

desperado - we were mowing people down
then we did dusk til dawn
quentin said: this is our kind of fun
there are tricks yes
i desaturated the blood in the print copy for the MPAA
then i changed it back for the real movie

execs wanted a PG13 movie but we didn't want to do
first cut MPAA said there was too much "monster intensity" - what do you do with that?
movie was filmed in handy cam way
we also desaturated the blood

they said you couldn't show shooting a zombie in the head which apparently you have to do (laughs)
exec quote was "not enough boobs"
we put in some more "f*cks"

q you have both done penis trauma - what did the MPAA say?
in planet terror, bruce willis is collecting the balls but actually i think at that point they just gave in

let's have a round of applause for Sin City everyone!

q back in the 80s it was expected that you would get nudity in horror movies - what happened to today's movie?
it's awkward asking an actress to show their boobs on film
RR seeing Salma almost falling out of her clothes was better than seeing her naked, well...
talking about nudity in Sin City and being faithful to the book

Topic 2: Remakes
i like The Thing and the remake
if you make the film you cannot make the kids older - it will not work
honor the original story but add something from yourself and from the american experience

q what movie would you choose to remake - given any movie?
i don't know i haven't thought about it
as long as i have ideas of my own i'll keep doing that

there are so many remakes that are cash grabs

if we didn't have remakes, we wouldn't have The Thing or The Fly

funny anecdote....
RR: what are you playing? [video game]
kid: AVP!
"respect the classics man"

Austin and Fantasticfest are some of the best conference experiences
Frightfest in London is also great - best experience

1st exp at SXSW Austin
Frightfest is amazing
Brussels - they are absolutely mad for it

Topic 3: making movies in 3D

I originally shot Dusk til Dawn with idea to have the bar scene in 3D
Like you enter the bar and then you put on the glasses and you're in 3D
i love Friday the 13th in 3D, it's great to see at Alamo Draft house

in the right hands, it will turn out brilliant, in the hands of an idiot it will be really bad
it's not about the tools it's about the work

i love 3D and loved Avatar
i think about shots i'm proud of in Zombieland
i think about how much greater scenes would be if they were 3D
like the scene where the mini-van woman flys out of the windshield (Rule #3: Seatbelts)
(RR or Emma Stone in 3D - just sayin')
i'm excited to make Zombieland 2 in 3D and we're writing it right now with that in mind

q latex makeup or CGI?
Savini is a master - the stuff he does is incomparable
it comes down to what works
the right answer is a combination of the two
i am old school and think everything should be real but for some things it just can't be

we went with all real makeup for zombieland - it's just more real for zombies
things like I Am Legends support that (laughs)
but it's also good to be able to edit blood splatters post-production
some of the grossest goriest things in zombieland were

CG is great for enhancing reality not replacing it
q what is CG in your film?
the exploding rabbit in Doomsday - i mean we just couldn't do that

it's the same thing as the boobs/nudity thing - it's really hard to ask people to do dangerous stunts when they could die on your time and payroll

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