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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Social Media: Engage keynote at Internet Summit 2009

Panelists: Cliqset, US Golf Association, Digg, Hitflix, Best Thinking (moderator)

Should social media go beyond FB, Twitter, YouTube?
US Golf Assoc: Myth that you focus on those few content sites. Engage on sites that are in your market category. Don't view ESPN as a competitor. Build an ecosystem.
Cliqset: Who are you trying to reach?

This sounds like audience targeting, good 'ol fashioned marketing. Is real-time a good thing?
Cliqset: Yes, #SMBF chat is an example of real-time value.
Digg: Digg launched a real-time feature yesterday. We think it's the next thing.

How does social dynamic change with crowdsourcing when people are known – Best examples?
Hitflix: Twitters about outages and new services.
Digg: Facebook Connect opened new doors for digg in a big way.
Cliqset: Education needed to become social media saavy. Listening is key.

How do you handle a social media crisis?
Cliqset: Depends on the topic and source, but getting the right people connected is essential. Separate signal from noise.
US Golf Assoc: You must listen, understand, participate. You can turn from devil to hero this way.

Is mobile still the next big thing? What is the next big thing?
Digg: Foursquare is the new twitter.

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