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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

e2conf-38: making healthcare providers social - Kaiser Permanente's E2.0 adoption

kaiser permanente

miles appel, gia lyons

making healthcare providers social - KP's E2.0 adoption

large complex risk-adverse operate on consensus

easy up and on

"go ugly early"

go small, fast and deep

people won't use yet another username/password - kaiser required SSO

once you start you have to keep going

people won't use software community if they think it's going away

jive for first time was asked to implement their own advice

jive was not set up to do this, jive had 2.5 strategic consultants

consultants used as "weapons of mass adoption"

advocate program

custom analytics

mini-workshops to on board new groups

from pilot to enterprise2.0 roll-out

opportunity to

technical readiness

operational readiness

communication plan

biggest need for KP ideabook is document collaboration. doing this w/ jive+sharepoint.

thrive lobby - affinity groups - will have 100s in workforce

personal sustainability - body, mind, spirit - aggregate people info

orthopedic journal club - surgeons collab on articles

compliance w/ hippa b/c it's a published article

bringing in high fidelity images / x-rays - need to figure out how to collaborate


find the path of least resistance and let it happen

it's hard to find that path in some organizations

stakeholder management

who's got your back? who's standing in your way?

how will you educate them?

leadership is critical

gain their trust that you are doing the right thing

you should definitely check out the opensocial #e2conf session w/ @snoopdave http://bit.ly/4yVPTA

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