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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

e2conf-26: exploring early enterprise2.0 methodologies with Dion HInchcliffe

dion hinchcliffe


exploring early enterprise2.0 methodologies

topics for today

innovator's dilemma - how do we disrupt ourselves before our competition does?

how to handle innovation that happens faster than the organization can absorb?

types of enterprise2.0

SLATES methodology


slides available after for your study

community management "most essential" to success and health

cost of project

tools 15%

integration, customization 25%

community management 25%

it support 15%

project/ change mgmt 20%

your mileage will vary

SAP talks about hidden cost of community mgmt

at first 90% us, 10% them

agile processes

rapid course corrections

essentially the spirit of e2.0

make discoveries all the time that change requirements

business doesn't like this type of planning

1 way of implementing e2.0, the Hinchcliffe way

identify - biz opp, risks, priorities, budget

prepare - strategy, comm plan, setting expectations (most important), policy of when to use tools, how to use tools, build skills/training, measurement plan, infrastructure

assess - understand competencies, understand stakeholder concerns, understand initiatives

pilot - create social computing env, build critical mass, capture lessons learned (agile), build

roll-out - expand audience and reach

manage - community mgmt, guide-direct-moderate (don't control),

there is a social computing help desk (easy way to explain it - to keep it healthy and show it's value)

this job is never finished, this is the long term commitment, this is what you'll be doing as long as you exist

ECM - biggest related industry to draw best practices from

AIM is best example of this

Emergent Architecture is big thing from this year

focus on creating adaptive processes - growth->refinement->disruption->renewnal as change comes into the organization

also informs the community management process

deloitte's ecm process

ross dawson's enterprise2.0 impl framework

social media delivery process http://gauravonomics.com

more focus on data mining, tools, linear process, consumer

Roundabouts model 0.3 - like it b/c it's more mature as a dashboard to tell you what to do

the app gap model

blueprint mazyar hedayat - good for validation but too light on community


still at low level of maturity

existing frameworks usually miss key e2.0 elements today

adaption best parts you think you need is often best strategy

improvements are coming but 'unified process' for e2.0 not there

slides available in conference portal and by email info@hinchcliffeandco.com

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