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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Design and Usability panel at Internet Summit

Live-blog of design and usability panel
Internet Summit, Raleigh NC
November 5, 2009

a jim russell, mckinney - combining online and offline design
b page sands, r2i web marketing presence @wpsands
c john conway, wral.com
d joseph dickerson, fiserv enterprise architect
e john morkes, expero, user research, and freeusabilityadvice.com

how do you show the biz value of good design practice?
e done many design projects with auto, ford, nissan, chevy. think aloud surveys are good to see user reactions and explanation. double conversion rates by understanding how to present input options like zipcode. rotating images of cars, again doubled conversion rate.
d giving user options they want is good. need to explain options in well understood way to have user adoption grow. simple things like words, names of services and actions matter a lot.
c video is very important to our audience. CPM is important.

b understand your users first.

how many of you use paper prototyping first?
b wireframing, always quick and dirty
c used facebook to do user groups recently
a you're going to hear us say more about usability then design up here, but design collaboration process is important.
d classic usability answer: it depends.
a discuss what you mean by contraints
e most companies have hard time balancing useful, appealing, functional. creativity is key to finding this balance.
a need to mix technical person with creatives, art and copywriter in design process

d search must be key to design.
a we optimize based on what people do things and post on the social web.
b people are acting as autonomous fact finders, and they embed that knowledge in social circles
e we test to see what tasks users can do while heavily medicated
d test early test often - tool appture - interactive prototyping
any user testing is better than no testing
guerilla testing - book

a making conversations about design, fact based is always best, and testable
d moray for recording user testing

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