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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Analytics panel at isum09

Live-blog of Analytics panel
Internet Summit, Raleigh NC
November 5, 2009

a michael rappa @mrappa
b brooks bell @brooksbell
c norm cloutier
d dan forootan @dforootan
e ron garmon @VueLogic

d can't understand why don't more people do simple things that are easy like google analytics
is analytics top of mind?
b it's trending up - but there needs to be a better understanding
is the news industry using A to add to the bottom line?
c are we tying it to bottom line? *laugh
we are literally trying to tie traffic to revenue. *very matter of fact.
what is a 90 day plan for a client?
d you can amass a lot of data - so look at basics, look at who is most engaged w/ your company. that can be clicks or views. figure out why they are so interested.
what about vuelogic?
e we can pull many different data stores, crm, ecommerce, etc. we can show you a common customer. in many cases, you can dispel what a company believes it common customer is. then you can start to build incremental ROIs.

b conference eMetrics - marketing optimization summit
expedia, vp of global analytics, best case study, they use tealeaf, commonvoice,
e netflix, amazon - best companies that integrate analytics into everything they do

c we don't conform to standards
b quality of data is what is holding analytics industry back

e you must apply what you are doing with analytics to your core business processes
d most people are not using the data they have
suntrust looked at common metrics like avg. customer balance - triggers key customer events - we need to take advantage of them (in a positive way)

are there things that people don't get about analytics - from top or bottom?
b mostly at the top. people have very powerful tools and it takes a lot of skill to use the tools. then doing actual analysis, another deep skill. and a lot of people from top are not data driven enough in the C suite.
c biggest thing is analytics first. before you do anything new, you have to have correlations with analytics. we have to focus on cause and effect and how business outcomes are influenced - revenue directly.

b mantra of year - do more testing - combine creative with data. ask customer how they behave,
c facebook is not where business is done. social networks.
d i do think social networks are excellent way to connect people to info (content)
e direct social media is something we can control and

b google analytics is getting really good, getting better and better. they are chasing omniture (who has just acquired by adobe)
there were many new goog analytics announced last week.

is analytics driving innovation in your business?

"competing on analytics" best read all there on the field.
40 analytics graduates from NCSU program per year, compared to 1000s of biz majors.

business impact of social network

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