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Friday, October 09, 2009

Notes from October Social Media Club

Lauren Ruettimann, founder of PunkRock HR (@punkrockhr) shared her awesome insight at Triangle SMC last night. Topic: Social Media for Job Seekers.

you are a consumer of work.
hiring decisions are made in 11 seconds.
if you are talking to HR to get a job, you're doing it wrong.
HR doesn't hire people.
it's not about who you know, it's about who knows you.
interviews don't come from websites.
you have to build your personal brand offline.
avoid HR and recruiters like the plague.
job boards are largely useless, they are for spammers. they also are for agencies.
online community is the future, where organic conversations take place.
control your data, guide your presence.
diversify your online presence.
look at search.twitter for #jobangels.
you are going to be hired by someone you know or meet IRL.
HR candidate management systems are failing.
resumes are accepted or rejected quickly based on gut checks.
you need presence, skills, abilities and a way into the company door.
every word on the resume should have a purpose and guide towards the job you are seeking.
Q: what about video resumes?
compliance and EO rights are still a big concern with corporate/business.
hireview is one option. kevin costner is backing another video resume site now, and he sees $$ in it.
companies are however thinking about green and carbon footprint and video interviews can be done.
behavior based interviewing doesn't work for everyone and for some roles.
keep you eyes open for the jobs that are not posted.
networking needs to be selfless. you need to have something to offer.
temp agencies are not a bad way to get in the door at RDU companies.
all work is temporary, we are consumers of work.
debt is a construct.
HR professionals who are not engaging in online communities are going to be out of a job.
we all have responsibility for our actions and behaviors, offline and online.
you don't have to friend your boss.

Cord's deal-breakers for looking at candidates
1. cover letters - basic sentences and punctuation.
2. sending just a linkedin profile.

(Held at Capstrat in Cary NC on October 8th 2009)

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