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Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Twouble with Triangle Tweetup

This is my 799th post on Blogger. I follow 799 people on Twitter. The world is crashing in around me. I am the Rab. I organize tweetups. I am however rarely in tweetup photo booths. I retweet a lot. I abuse hashtags. I am sarcastic. I am very meta and/or streaming my consciousness pretty much 24/7/365. I am not a blogger but I play one on the interwebz. I will not fix your computer problem. I do declare that I am. Here is a list of lists. It's what I do. Everything about Triangle Tweetup 2.0 (that really means: the 2nd tweetup of 2009 BTW).

10 Photo Sets
5 Videos or places to find videos...
  1. Tweetup Panel: Business, Brands and Twitter, with @theRab, @DavidBThomas, @thorstenkessler, moderated by the @kbodnar32 (many youtube videos by @updownmostly)

  2. a Qik walk through triangle tweetup by @chiatar
  3. @fullsteam beer cam - Everyone loves dry hopping
  4. nbc17 / @mync 6 o'clock news report (i have it tivo'd, where is it MyNC?), by @donaldjones and @ginnyskal
  5. Twitterrific 2.0 for the iPhone demo at TriangleTweetup from Wayne Sutton on Vimeo.

6 Hashtags to tweet about this and that...
  1. #triangletweetup - a way to tag your tweets at this event
  2. #followfriday - a way to tag people you want to recommend for others to follow, a friday meme
  3. #hilarityensues - a way to signal silliness and joy and sarcasm, a @abbyladybug meme
  4. #musicmonday - share your tunes on manic mondays
  5. #ncbbqcamp - BBQ, barcamp, nc, let's see what happens
  6. #worlddomination - the team rally cry
5 Awesome Tweeple I met... (tweeple are people who tweet. to tweet is to twitter.)
  1. @colopy - CEO of Bronto and all around pleasant, sharp dude
  2. @ldbaldwin - the feisty organizer of WordCampRDU (register now!)
  3. @lruettimann - the small huge force of nature punk rock PR girl, and newly crowned Tweetup Queen
  4. @fullsteam32 - the magician craft brewer of delicious IPA behind "the contraption," he rocks the chops. cool guy!
  5. @josh_hofer - the chill photog behind the triangle tweetup photo booth, and i still haven't had my photo taken... stealth streak intact!
5 Blog posts to read before mine...
10 most tweetworthy events...
  1. continuing the Social Media for Social Change meme - Charity! - toiletries for the homeless shelter - awesome idea Ginny!
  2. awesome new shiny Triangle Tweetup badges with QRCodes! order badges from @rickdrake, history of tweetup badges
  3. pici.me madness!
  4. new tweetup prom king and queen - the @jazzychad and her majesty @lruettimann! (a tweetup prom king and queen retrospective)
  5. best-dressed goes to - drum roll please... @jennafleur!
  6. dino-mania! i think there were 547 inflated brontosaurus roaming the tweetup, approximately; some quite large
  7. triangle tweetup twister - in the basement, #hilarityensues (i missed this fun)
  8. free Wolverine comics - Free Comic Book Day came early, courtesy of Thor (ironic!)
  9. twitter 101: 1 on 1 / 5 minute / speed coaching
  10. Tyler's - the after party plus X-men Origins: Wolverine - the after after party, the highly anticipated midnight premier (thx Thor!); read my tweet review
4 Applications to buzz about...
  1. twitterrific 2.0 (available 5/7 on iTunes) - for iPhone, from IconFactory, @gedeon
  2. beak - a mac twitter client, from @mike9r
  3. pici.me - a twitter photobooth for social events, from @covati
  4. twitpicgrid (son of tweetgrid) - a super customizable real-time twitter search dashboard - now with your photos, from @jazzychad
5 Sponsors I'd like to get a shout-out to...
  1. Lone Rider - Betty, a new classic in the triangle. i can't get enough!
  2. Fullsteam - the contraption, the sweet potato beer, rocket science IPA (good!), the truck. seriously cool vibe guys
  3. Bronto Software - what cool digs, that office space rocks!
  4. Raleigh Grande er Thorsten Kessler - the fiery young rock star social media manager of ... your next successful hyper-local biz
  5. Chef Ed Catering - The man, the myth, the legend. Ed Sautro is the incomparable and incorrigible chef of your Italian dreams
5 things I mentioned or should have... for your reference
  1. Panel Discussion: the IBM Social Media Guidelines came up in discussion of Personal vs Corporate identity
  2. Panel Discussion: Social Software Evangelist Luis Suarez is @elsua, champion of thinking outside of the inbox
  3. Panel Discussion: My big quote of the evening must be partially attributed to inspiration from Doc Searls (originally from 2005?)
  4. What is Ignite? More Ignite videos for you to watch. Ignite Raleigh is coming soon...
  5. Twestival update. Watch your charity for clean water, in action.
5 BIG thank yous for my Triangle Tweetup team...
  1. Ginny - for filling out the fun parts, being local focused, charity minded and more...
  2. Jeff - Mr. Biz Manager, you are the anchor
  3. Kipp - Happy Birthday Bro. i hope this made it a great one!
  4. Wayne - YTMND, srsly. #socialmediasuperhero indeed
  5. Melba - yes you help! (no rebuttals!) it takes many volunteers to pull this off
shout-outs to all my tweeple there, new and old!
they are @chefed44 @bucafett @critter @chiatar @jennafleur @boraz @miss_krista @waynesutton @dgtlpapercuts @fullsteam @kbodnar32 @ldbaldwin @loneriderbeer @xulox @mattrdavis @jasonpeck @jefftippett @jreesnc @jaydolan @eronel @metricula @smdempsey @davidbthomas @lisasullivan @ginnyskal @covati @vix27 @drkashik @lruettimann @kimetzel84 @jazzychad @taylorbarr @kellyduffort

missed connections... (people i wanted to meet IRL or tweeple i missed to say hello)
they include @ashleysue @cammicam @ilinap @jacksonfox @lisam1976 @ppgnc @michaelrowe01 @brontocaroline @beebo_wallace @zachward @damondnollan @skirubbi @cnmoody @swerves7 @instanttaylor @mammalpants @comcipher @base10

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Chris Moody said...

Thanks for the shoutout Ryan! Maybe we can chat before the next one and meet IRL. haha. :)