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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Star Trek

10 point review - Engage!
Marquee Cinema
  1. Boldly Go. James Tiberius Kirk is a stud. This is essential Kirk.
  2. That alien mechanic assistant guy of Scotty's is a funny little thing.
  3. The big bad wasn't lame and had actually had some emotional depth and character motivation. Even if it did smack a bit of that Star Trek: Nemesis (X) fringe Romulan guy.
  4. "Time Travel and self contained story arcs sprinkled with deep references while not completely bound by series continuity" is a must of any good Star Trek epic. This is one of those. (So does this break the odd-even curse?)
  5. The enterprise feels like a real ship. Shields are down to 23% after 1 direct hit from a torpedo and it's time for plan B - tactics and smarts and grit. This is old school Trek. No reverse tachyon reflector beams or other such TNG nonsense. 
  6. Ah the old emergency transport gimmick is born. And Scotty makes it fun not contrived.
  7. References and Old quotes abound with this original crew; reborn in their new origin story. The characters feel natural and fun as we discover their mission from a fresh POV. Seeing the cadets start to figure things out on their maiden voyage, and become a crew, is magic.
  8. Scottie and Bones are quirky charming fun. Kirk and Spock are intense. Uhura and her green-skinned Orion roommate (Rachel Nichols from ALIAS!) are sexy. Sulu and Chekov are geeky neato. Spock Prime and Spock's Mother (Winona Ryder - I didn't notice!) are motivational.
  9. Warp factor 3. Dodgey Transporters. Old heat blast Phasers. This tech is retro fantastic. Trekkies are going to be ga ga.
  10. The uniforms are cool. There I said it. They are sleek and functional and still form-fitting. Look for lots of Starfleet geeks who can't really fill them out sporting these come Halloween this year.

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