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Sunday, March 01, 2009

iPhone? there are apps for that!

i got an iPhone basically 2 weeks ago. i struggled for a long time and agonized over the decision of what smart phone upgrade was worthy of my mobile social media pro needs. in short, i caved and am now drinking fully from the Apple kool-aid container, sans sippy cup, or iced glass even, no straws, gulping it down. i went for the 16GB (memory size) White color ('cuz white is the new black (again!)), 3G (network) model. i preface it like this because so many in my facebook-lovin' tech novice, young parent circle of friends who are very intrigued by the shiny smart phones and ogle over each others new toys at any social occasion. However many are challenged to keep it straight between GB (gigabyte) memory sizes from the 3G (3rd generation) mobile phone networks, nevermind the fact that iPod used to differentiate between music player hardware models in this way as well. but i digresss. i'll save this background, my rationale and the back story for another post.

for now, i just wanted to start a running list of the apps i've installed. (maybe this is the ultimate indicator of why to choose the iPhone without further explanation?) these are in semi-order of what i downloaded. this list is currently about 5 pages of apps.
  1. Tweetie - downloaded it in the store. you know, so i could tweet about it.
  2. Brightkite
  3. Evernote
  4. Shazam
  5. Facebook
  6. MySpace
  7. Movies - Flixster
  8. PhoneFlix
  9. Yelp
  10. Urbanspoon
  11. Zombie Attack! (Free)
  12. Pandora
  13. iSushi
  14. Cooliris
  15. Flickit
  16. ShoZu
  17. Google Earth
  18. Google
  19. 1Password
  20. iview
  21. Tumble
  22. Tumblrette
  23. TwitterFon
  24. vlingo
  25. iJiggles
  26. Wikipanion
  27. Translator
  28. USA Today
  29. a.k.a
  30. Peanut Butter Jelly Time
  31. Space Deadbeef
  32. Spin the Bottle
  33. Speedtest
  34. iHandy Level
  35. iKungFu
  36. Lightsaber Unleashed
  37. Darkroom
  38. FAIL Maker
  39. Color Splash
  40. 'stachetastic
  41. Backgrounds
  42. 2D Sense
  43. AllRecipes Dinner Spinner
  44. SplashKey
  45. SplashID Lite
  46. Delicious Bookmarks
  47. craigsphone
  48. Twittervision
  49. Nambu
  50. Twitterrific free
  51. Twinkle
  52. Twittelator
  53. Twitterlink
  54. Cylon Detector
  55. Dial Zero
  56. Fake Text (Free)
  57. FedEx Mobile
  58. Free Wi-Fi
  59. The iBall
  60. Public Radio Tuner
  61. Quickpedia
  62. Shotgun Free
  63. That's What She Said
  64. TMZ
  65. Armory
  66. Light Table
  67. Drinking Lite
  68. Boombox
  69. WRAL
  70. Kindle
  71. Watchmen


Jeff said...

Thanks for this list. My iPhone is due today (black 8GB 3G, refurb), and I hope its delivery is not delayed by the snow. Anyway, I completely got it for the apps. I think we are on the same page cuz my top ones to DL are Tweetie, Brightkite, Evernote, Facebook and Pandora. I'm surprised you don't have the BSG Cylon checker app, but I don't know if it costs money or is lame.

Tweet ya later.

OcellNuri said...

That's extremely impressive for 2 weeks of ownership.

I had my iPhone (first gen old school represent) when the App Store came out. For a while, I was able to follow any new applications of value and try them out. Several months ago the app store snowballed to the point that keeping up was impossible. Now I rely on websites and other users for heads up on good applications. The App Store listings feel pretty pointless, especially considering how easily they are gamed.

the Rab said...

RE: BSG Cylon Detector. It costs $$ and is lame. I know this because I'm such a frakkin' fanboy that I had to buy it. Expect cheesy BSG photo manips to surface on twitpic soon enough.

the Rab said...

Ocell, can you suggest your favorite review sites?