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Monday, March 09, 2009

Get some REST

I'm organizing a RESTful meetup. Because I'm an IBMer, I also have to create an acronym to encapsulate this group about that acronym. It is so written somewhere. Therefore, we may end up with TRUG for Triangle REST Users Group. If you have a better suggestion, by all means, drop me a comment.

So far these fine software enthusiasts are interested in forming a merry band of RESTful programmers. If you want to learn more about REST or share your development experience, comment or tweet reply me.
  1. Ryan Boyles (um, that would be me.)
  2. Michael Beaver
  3. Jared Petersen
  4. Spencer Dempsey
  5. Jess Bowers
  6. Frank Wierzbicki
  7. Chuck Allen
  8. Bill Higgins
  9. Jason Feinstein
  10. You!
If you are asking yourself: What is REST? Start here.

If you'd like to propose a place to meet, please leave comments as well. I'll launch a wiki within the week.

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