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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What are your favorite iPhone apps?

There are many lists and each app has reviews, but it all takes a long time to sort through. So just tell me... here in the comments or by replying on twitter.

Who has weighed in so far:
  1. jkubota suggested twitterfon, brightkite
  2. DiMambro suggested Twitterrific, Summizer, Delivery Status touch, Mint.com and Tags
  3. CathrynGray suggested Tweetie, Pano, Shazam, Wurdle and Remote
  4. LockjawTheOgre suggested Tweetie , Evernote, Last.fm, Pixelpipe, Simplify Media, Darkroom, TheSnapper and boomshine
  5. smithlc suggested Twitterific, Voice Notes, Pandora, Night Camera, Express, Yelp
  6. ffalias suggested twitterfon, shazam, flixster, and for the jailbroken... bossprefs and winterboard
  7. base10 suggested instapaper, omnifocus, pandora, twitterriffic, midomi and whatthefont
  8. ocell suggested Tweetie, Brightkite, RTM, Last Call, Instapaper and 1Password > SplashID
  9. jaredpetersen suggested Tweetie, RjDj, Shazam, Facebook, Google Earth
  10. CitySearch suggested itself :)
  11. Greg Smith suggested Evernote, Air Sharing, Now Playing, Easy WiFi, Urban Spoon, Facebook, Sol Free, Trails, VLC Remote
  12. Robert Perry suggested Airmouse, Scramboni, Subway, Pandora,1Password, Pageonce, Grocery IQ, Vlingo, Amazon.com, AroundMe, Espn Cameraman, i.TV, Time Crisis... and finally Yo Mama
  13. What's on your iphone???

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