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Monday, November 02, 2009

e2conf-2: Community Managers' role in influencing the Sales Funnel with Connie Bensen

speaker connie bensen

session hashtag e2conf-2

november 2 2009


library/offline - working for 12 years

got addicted to the online community space

company in UK - but global

work remote - live in MN, 60 miles from starbucks

community manager's role in the sales funnel

the budget of the CM was the marketing budget

hard to justify the CM salary when you're not selling in SMB

big question in june: how do you shorten the sales cycle?

that should be changed to Conversions.

we're all in agreement that we should be doing this

the role is called so many things, but the key is that it requires a person

no where in here do i suggest that you should build a community

first part of your engagement is to go where the people are

if you chose to build a community it should be based on a business objective

because it's expensive and requires long term commitment

the ROI

bring outside ideas into organization

generate more word of mouth

increase customer loyalty

..... look for slideshare preso later

ref: j owyang's three spheres of web strategy

read groundswell (the book)

first role of community is listening

brand monitoring

ref: d armano's stairway of brand heaven and hell

governance and privacy

look at negative comments as opportunity for engagement

need for crisis plan

look at scott monty, ford case

get sales in social media space

create things internally to teach the different people in orgs

finding time to do community - takes 15-30 minutes per day to be consistent and get involved

need to show contribution through social media

if you need to use the word campaign, then use it, but still do engagement


it should be easy to decide what to measure, measure what your goal is

estimate it

spend 3 months to establish baseline if you can

to measure immediately, then start benchmark

create a strategy

establish objectives

set goals in terms of % change desired

the goals drive what will be measured

benchmark existing levels

identify who will own various aspects

provide training

set goals to measure

bring outside ideas into organization

generate more word or mouth

increase customer loyalty

increase product ... see slideshare later

tip - choose 1 or 2

benchmark the % change to reach

inbound strategy

create content


lead gen

freemium version

ref: conversation prism from brian solis and jess3

ref: social seo - lee oden

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