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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Adam (@bucafett) and i going to see Underworld
Every War Has A Beginning

adam and i went on a geek man date to the new werewolf , er um lycan (short for lycanthrope or from the Greek λυκάνθρωπος, λύκος (wolf) and άνθρωπος (human, man), look it up) vs vampire (or are they dampyr? i digress) flick. here's a review in my 10 point format style. watch the trailer or whatever. read my previous reviews. this is the first of the 3 Underworld movies that i paid to see (first 2 were screeners) but i say, "go see the flick, if you're into this kind of stuff."

  1. Night is day, Day is night. This is literally a dark movie.
  2. Lucian is the Ty Pennington of the fantasy Dark Ages: motivates large numbers of lycan & human indentured skilled craftsmen and laborers, is often shirtless, has crazed look in his eyes, handy as a blacksmith - call it "Extreme Makeover: Medieval Castle Revolt Edition!"
  3. Lucian : Romeo :: Sonja : Juliet - plus Viktor is the angry dad from the ruling class elite / overbearing uppity family.
  4. Genetic tampering and selective breeding via werewolf bites backfires (as always) and the children of the "new race" (human lycanthropes) change the society establishment via violent uprising.
  5. Stake Uber-vampire leader through the heart or separate his head. The Frog Brothers taught us these essential skills. Impaling their head may seem like a hardcore move, but it just shocks them into hibernation, leaving a nasty headache and angry revenge motive when waking in the next millenium.
  6. Hordes of snarling beastly Werewolves run amok are cooler than Vampires back in those early days before black rubber corsets and flashy high tech weaponry.
  7. Sonja is not Selene (this is a prequel) but they favor each other strongly enough that you won't care.
  8. Vamp Selene loves her human/vamp/lycan hybrid; Vamp Sonja loves her Lycan underdog. There is a metaphor or theme to pick up on here somewhere. Discuss among yourselves.
  9. Vampires are Royals, Knights, Court; Lycans are Centurions, Conscripts, Slaves; Humans are surfs and Nobles - this Underworld is upside down.
  10. The Lycans are responsible for the Vampires going underground, into the underworld - so Humans have Lycans to thank for their eventual rise to prominence. Maybe this should be called Rise of the Humans? Maybe that is Underworld 4.
  11. Bonus thought: Is that boat going to the New World?

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