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Monday, November 10, 2008

A Smarter Planet is a Connected Purpose

Do you know how you're becoming smarter? When your buzzwords become reality and that change is realized. The events of the last few months, and years, have shown us that change is always the challenge. Disruptive forces are presenting a new reality to global and local ecosystems of society, economy, government and business.

Sam Palmisano, speaking about this Smarter Planet, on Thursday said,

Our political leaders aren’t the only ones who’ve been handed a mandate for change.
Leaders of businesses and institutions everywhere confront a unique opportunity to transform the way the world works.
We have this chance for reasons no one wished. The crisis in our financial markets has jolted us awake to the realities and dangers of highly complex global systems. But in truth, the first decade of the 21st century has been a series of wake-up calls with a single subject: the reality of global integration.

You may watch the video from the Council on Foreign Relations.

Change is the challenge that drives innovation, breeds collaboration and fosters cooperation with new connections. Connections that heretofore were either unimagined or unpredictable. This new reality is not simply because of technology. It's fueled by instrumented technology used in more distributed, organic, mobile, interconnected ways. In short, when technology is used in smart ways, it is fused with how people live and work. This reality is really about you/us. Connected people are showing us the new technology paradigm. With self-realized purpose, tribes form around common interests and tackle issues big and small.

These buzzwords have become the new reality of our global change engine. So, what will we do with this smarter planet? "Instrumented, interconnected and intelligent" people need inspired purpose. What will you choose to work on today?

I wasn't able to blog about this on Thursday but it is ironic that this subject was in the forefront of my mind. At the time, I did retweet it (Read more "Smarter Planet" conversations). That day, I had attended a webinar about "The Connected Enterprise" where IBM was mentioned twice for our Enterprise2.0 innovations. Empower the voice of the individual (think: BlogCentral, Beehive, ThinkPlace, TAP) and social software tools enabling information sharing (with tagging) between connected people (think: Dogear, Cattail, Fringe) were given examples of IBM's E2.0 cultural leadership. Refreshing to hear about our connected enterprise from others.

What are others saying about a "smartplanet" on blogs?

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