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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Dark Knight

time to pull together my 10 point film review of The Dark Knight. i twitterered several comments via txt directly following the IMAX show, while waiting for my dinner party at 42nd Street Oyster Bar Friday night. you can read the summary via twitter's newly integrated summize advanced search service.

Richard and I went to the 4:50pm IMAX show at Marbles in downtown Raleigh on opening day Friday July 18th 2008. we bought our tickets over 2 weeks in advance. the entire set of weekend shows were sold out well in advance, and the trend appears to be continuing. apparently the movie did well elsewhere also. the crowd was packed into a long line waiting to get into the theater. there were folks with custom t-shirts and everything. i used a $3 movie cert from the Gotham Knight DVD. this afforded me exactly one 20oz cherry coke.

so in no particular order, here is my Dark Knight insta-review via twitter.
  1. The Joker performs social experiments with crowds of people. People reveal their true nature when they are are in mortal peril.
  2. The Batman has to become whatever the city, the people need him to be.
  3. The 'white knight' falls prey to chance and the madness that comes with that reality undoes his morals.
  4. The people's idea of normal does not make society just. People follow habit and status quo.
  5. The Batman has a code, but he is not a hero that is understood. His motivations are not clear but they are true. The Joker's motivation is misunderstood. It is only anarchy, madness. There is no 'plan.'
  6. Watching this film on IMAX is incredible. The 4 IMAX scenes are breath-taking to behold.
  7. Heath Ledger deserves the Oscar. This is a masterful acting performance.
  8. The Batman's voice and persona is gruff and well theatrically dark. Maybe a bit much.
  9. I like the tumbler better than the Bat-pod. But the bike is convenient for city streets.
  10. Two main characters die. I disagree with one of them, but it serves a new story arch for a sequel. But doesn't excuse it.
so this was a very quick rapid fire set of points directly after seeing the movie. i am going to see the film again tonight. i'll post a different "4 days later re-review" after seeing it a second time. there were definitely things i didn't touch on that i want to explore. see you again after the show.

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